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The effectiveness of automotive belt rely on nicely working car  timing belt pulley. A genuine or OEM quality car belt pulley can significantly increase the life cycle of the belt and at same time lessens the cost of ownership of your car. A car is a machine and the proper function of every machine is dependant on spare parts. Every engine component require extreme care to ensure hassle-free drive. Most of the cars these days comes with serpentine belt pulley kit. 

Basically, the auto pulley is like a wheel on the axle that supports the movement and change the belt’s direction along with its circumference. Earlier, Hero of Alexandria indicated pulley to be one of the six simple machines to lift weight. A car belt and a tensioner pulley assembly are characterized by two or more pulleys in common to a belt. This allows mechanical power, speed and torque to be transmitted to the axle. In case these auto components are of different diameter mechanical advantage is realized. The pulley wheel system works to increase or reduce speed.

An automotive pulley is a crucial part mounted on engine in order to drive all the belts. The screeching sound coming out of engine could be a result worn out belt or the pulley is starting to freeze up. A proper pulley can save you some bucks which you could have spent as one problem in the car engine can lead to several other issues.