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Whenever we talk about high performing racing cars, the word “Turbocharger” usually comes in between. These mostly comes in large diesel engines which can simply magnifies its power without making any changes to weight, which is a major benefit what makes turbo chargers more popular amongst the motor heads. In a standard engine, air flow is most critical for its performance. Generally, the downward motion of pistons draws air into cylinders of a running engine. The air then get mixed with fuel and combined vapour ignites to produce power. When press the accelerator pedal, you are not pumping fuel in the engine, rather drawing more air, which as a result draws vaporised fuel in order to create power. It is one of those components which enhances the power output for cars.

In order to avoid such trouble, you need maintain auto turbocharger in proper condition, repair any leaks, use proper synthetic oil and change it according to instructions.