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Front Brake Pads
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Importance of Brake Pads

Brake pads are automotive components that belong to the family of disc brakes. These are steel plates having frictional materials to facing to disc brakes rotors. It is a component which changes the kinetic energy to thermal energy by the friction created because of it. When you put your feet on brake pedal, the caliper compresses the pads onto the spinning rotor in order to slow down or stop the car. It gets heated up, as a result of continuous contact with the rotor, it leaves the friction material on discs with a coating on it. Both brake discs and pads then stick together and offer a friction to stop the vehicle.

When it comes to disc brakes, it has two pads per disc rotor. Most of the vehicles these days come with two pads per caliper, however, the calipers for racing cars can have up to 6 pads with different frictional properties offering best possible performance.

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Brake pads types

Depending on the use of a vehicle, various types of front brake pad set are available in the market. Manufacturers these days strive to develop new technologies offering superior quality along with better efficiency. It can be classified as very soft and aggressive to hard, durable with less compound. The auto companies recommend specific types for their product, but the driver can play with a compound as per his taste and driving style. A special care must be taken while buying car front brake pads parts from non-OEM or aftermarket companies, which could affect the braking performance.

Where to buy front and rear brake pad parts in India?

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