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The automotive condenser is a component which works as a heat exchanger in an automotive system. Usually made from aluminum, these were earlier made of copper and brass. It very much looks like a radiator, but a little thin and are placed at the front of a radiator. Similar to radiators and evaporators, these are made by a number of tubes having fins around. It is different from evaporator as it releases heat, unlike evaporator whose responsibility is to absorb heat. However, they both work in the same way from the engine coolant which was absorbed while flowing.

The refrigerant in the vehicle enters the condenser as a high-pressure vapour, but when flows through it, turns back to the liquid state. They both can be compared to the cooling system of an engine.

a. Radiator allows heat from the engine coolant to pass through it to the atmosphere of the vehicle.

b. Condenser allows the hot A/C system refrigerant to pass through it and then in the atmosphere.