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Wheel Bearing
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The auto wheel bearing is a set of steel balls which are put together through a metal ring called the race. These help tyres to spin fast with lowest possible friction. They are used in all types of automotive regardless of the number of tyres it runs on. The car wheel bearings are the crucial automotive component for the car’s suspension system. Drivers can find them in the hub where brakes and its components are attached. Most of the automobiles have both inner and outer bearings on every auto. When you hear an unusual sound coming out of it, there could be an issue with wheel bearings. Due to the same reason, understanding of seals and other similar components is important.

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Understand the basics

Most of the vehicles these days have bearings with seals. These may last up to 100000 kms or more. And for the same reason, many drivers give it less importance during brake replacement and repair. The wheel bearing bolts require frequent inspection to check the overall performance of the vehicle. A damaged wheel bearing assembly alerts the driver with the sounds like squealing, chirping or any other unusual noise. However, some may remain silent and fail unexpectedly. The wheel bearing cost largely depends on the type of bearing used in your vehicle. 

Where to buy Wheel Bearing Spare Parts?

India being one of the fastest growing automotive markets in the world has a huge number of vehicles running on road. This also raises the requirement for genuine automotive spare parts in the country. To bring the high quality aftermarket and OEM parts, boodmo was incorporated. It has a large number of online wheel bearing kit catalogue to choose from. You can browse the spare parts, compare the price list offered from various suppliers and can buy the parts at cheap price. We have sourced wheel bearing parts from over 400 suppliers to get the best possible spare parts.