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No matter how good your driving is, the overall performance of your vehicle is directly related to the quality of tyres and the grip they offer. Tyres are the main contact your vehicle has with road and people fail to realise that they also require regular maintenance in order to operate at its peak.

Choose the right tyres

It is essential that you choose the tyres which suits the conditions you regularly drive in. Quite often, people are likely to choose tyres due to cost factor, but they tend to go bald in quick time and can lead to increased fuel consumption and may not grip the road well.

Not every tyres are created equal, you need to make sure that tyre you are looking to buy must match your requirement. In case you do motorway driving then you need the ones that will handle much better at higher speeds. If you do a lot of motorway driving then you will want tyres that handle much better at higher speeds, while countryside drivers may look for tyres that can easily handle a range of terrain.

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Maintaining your tyres

No matter what type of tyres you end up buying, a few checks need to be done regularly to prevent damage and excessive wear. Following checks has to be done at least once a month.

  • Tyre pressure 
  • Tread depth – the legal minimum is 1.6mm
  • Bulges or cracks in the tyre
  • Uneven wear

The tyre pressure can be adjusted anywhere, in case you find any other issues, get them replaced straight away.

Where to buy car tyres online?

The online market has changed the way customer used to shop for car parts in India. People across the globe can order the tyres online from anywhere in the world with a very few mouse clicks or using your smartphone. At boodmo, you can browse the long list of spare parts, including car tyre disc, inflators, pumps, compressor, caps, kits, filler, alloy wheels, sensors along with the various accessories. You can compare the replacement parts offered from various companies, the price list and them delivered to the doorstep. We offer tyres from the wellknown companies and suppliers like bridgestones, MRF to name a few. Moreover, you can check the reviews online to build the trust.