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Spark Plug
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The auto spark plug is an integral part of the car’s ignition system. It plays a crucial role in starting the gasoline engines. As a matter fact, the car spark plug socket is directly related to the engine performance and could result in cold-starting or may misfires while acceleration. Basically, it forces, electricity to arc across the gap, similar to the bolt of lightning. Every engine requires three things to run efficiently, i.e, fuel, air and heat. Therefore, switching the ignition on will let the cylinders compress the mixture of fuel and will make it hotter. The compression ratio of petrol engines are 8:1 - 10:1, which could not cause ignition. Every engine requires three ingredients to run - air, fuel, heat or ignition source. So, switch the ignition on, the cylinders compress fuel mixture and makes it hotter. Hence, an ignition source it required to start your vehicle and spark plug parts plays that part.