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The car glow plug amongst the most important automotive component for diesel engines. The glow plug for diesel engines serves as a lifeline. It sparks the air-fuel mixture in the combustion chamber in order to start the engine. It comes with a heating coil filled with ceramic powder in a metal tube that is closed at one of the ends. The closed end protrudes in the cylinder head into the combustion chamber. When electrically energized, this part of the tube reaches a temperature of over 1000-degree Celsius within a few seconds. The injector fires the air-fuel spray close to the glow plug which starts the combustion.

The glow plugs work as a heating device for the diesel engine that produces extra energy to start the ignite the engine. The automotive diesel engines do not rely on the spark plugs to Diesel engines do not use spark plugs to induce combustion like petrol engines. Instead, diesel glow plugs completely rely on compression to raise the air temperature to a point where diesel can combust spontaneously when introduced to hot high-pressure air.