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Lambda Sensor
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The auto lambda sensor also known as the oxygen sensor was developed by Dr. Gunter Bauman for the Robert Bosch GmbH company. It is an electronic device that measures the amount of oxygen in a liquid or gas. The first car lambda sensor was made with ceramic Zirconia and platinum and to make it more capable for Automotives, planar sensors were introduced. These modernized sensors were introduced by NTK in 1990 for the Honda Civic and Accord. Cars manufactured after 1980 comes with an oxygen sensor. This spare part is located within the emission control system. While working, the sensor sends data to the management computer located within the engine which ensures that the engine of your car is working at top performance. Moreover, it keeps your car’s emission in check and alerts when emission is too excessive. In India, these sensors alert the officials about excessive emissions. As a result of it, if any of these sensors aren’t working properly while inspection, you will not likely to pass the inspection.