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  • VW / AUDI / SKODA / SEAT / VAG (165)
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Front Brake Disc
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What are disc brakes?

These are the type of brakes that use calipers to squeeze pads against the rotor to create friction which reduces its speed and lessens the stopping distance of your vehicle. While comparing these brakes with drum brakes, these modern day brakes work as a safety features as they require less time to stop and works more effectively. Most of the cars these days are installed with discs brakes at the front only. The auto front brake discs do not come with a self-servo effect which works as per the force applied to the pedal. This, in turn, offers better feel to the driver and avoid uncertainties.

Understand the Discs

The car front brake discs are rotating part of the brake assembly against which brake pads are applied and is generally made from grey iron. These days automotive companies have also started offering ventilated discs which are largely dependant upon the weight and power of the vehicle. The entry level cars with less power come with a normal auto front brake discs and the power cars come loaded with ventilated discs as kills the heat with much effort.

Total 1007 parts

India is one the fastest growing automobile markets. The more the number of cars running on the road, the higher the road traffic rate will. Due to the higher traffic, some people opt for rash driving which leads to the worn out of car front brake discs and increases the demand for discs. To fulfill the market demands, we offer large variety of brake discs offered from suppliers across the countries under one roof. If we talk about a few years back, there were only manufacturers but these days, the number of manufacturers keep on increasing. And to sell the manufactured products companies keep on bringing new marketing techniques.

Why buy auto front Brake Discs from boodmo?

In order fulfill the market demand for genuine brake discs, ties up with top quality manufacturers where customers can get the original products at the best possible price. People can access the huge online catalogue of brake discs in India and compare the price list offered by several companies. At boodmo, we not only deal with high-quality aftermarket parts but also OEM brake discs in order to offer the best to our customers. Moreover, the return policy and fast delivery ease the pressure of customers.