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Rear Wheel Bearing
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The importance of rear wheel bearings can not be ignored as it is the first connection in moving and static areas of a car. It basically serves as a friction reduction device which increases the rotation efficiency. The rolling generates less friction than sliding. The rear wheel bearing kit does that with the help of metal balls that rolls in between two metal rings. Furthermore, the grease allows the smooth motion while letting the wheel hub rotate as freely as possible.

Wheel Bearing Types

Presently, three types of wheel bearings are available in the market, which includes, hub, ball and roller bearing. The hub bearings provide less friction rating and reduce the vehicle power. These works on both light and heavy-duty vehicles. The second one, the ball bearings are the most common types of bearings available in the market. Their intricate designs handle both radial loads and thrust. The last one, roller bearings use cylindrical shape that distributes within a larger area in order to handle heavy loads.

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How to check wheel bearing

The most common way to check the wheel bearing is by spinning every wheel and listen closely for any unusual noise. Drivers can also place their hands on 12 O’clock position to feel any roughness. Another way of checking it, is spin the tyre while measuring the dial indicator with play. Moreover, these issues are measurable with antilock brakes by reviewing the speed sensor in the wheel hub assembly. The excessive looseness and wear will lead the vehicle sensor ring to move while rotating.

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