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While looking for the car front bumper guard and other spare parts, one needs to consider a few things while buying a bumper. This includes the type of car you drive so that you get the right spares. The car front bumper protector is a car body part which lessens the impact when your car gets hit and saves impact to other while minimizing the repair cost at the same time. It was invented by Frederick Simms in the year 1901 to decrease the height mismatch and prevents pedestrians from injuries.

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The car front bumper cover was invented to mitigate the injuries in people walking on the road due to the collision. And for the same reasons, it is made up of soft materials that decrease the harm. It is made of soft material as compared to the rear bumper and further reduces the impact.

Government Rules and Regulations

In order to safeguard the pedestrians, the government has made rules regarding the same. No car is allowed to run on the road without the bumpers. There is a few regulations which needs to follow for the safeguard of people walking on the road, hence needs to be implemented. It enhances the car’s ability to sustain the low-speed impacts.

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The auto front bumpers are important replacement part for the safety of other people walking on the road and save some money spent on repair. In order to help you buy the genuine and original front bumper parts, boodmo was incorporated. There is a reason why we are considered as “Your Spare Part Expert”. We have the largest online catalogue offered from several suppliers and changing the way how people used to shop for new auto parts in India. Customers can compare the price list offered and the brands, along with the illustrations of products.

The car front bumper cost mostly depends on the vehicle you own. Car bumpers are popular auto parts that many people will need with their cars. So it is easy to find here.