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Rear Shock Absorber
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When it comes to automobiles, shock absorbers reduces the effect of travelling over rough grounds, bumps and potholes gives improved ride quality and handling. Its uses valving of oil and gasses to absorb excessive energy from springs. The rate of spring is chosen by manufacturers depending upon the vehicle’s weight.

Dangers of worn shock absorbers

In effective shock absorbers are pretty dangerous and most of the people are unaware of its ill effects. While driving with worn shock absorbers, people risk the safety of vehicle, its passengers and other road uses are seriously compromised even though the other safety features are properly working. The worn shock absorbers reduces the braking efficiency by increasing braking distance even if the vehicle has been given ABS and ESP. It also increases the risk of skidding in wet, less control while cornering, reduced speed or response along with increased passenger discomfort.

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Importance of Checking Shock Absorbers

The performance of shock absorbers fades away over time and are inevitably subjected to wear and tear like any other spare part. It be be understood while cornering, poor handling and sloppy suspension. A simple way to test is to carry out the ‘bounce test’. In case the vehicle oscillate more than once after the downward pressure is applied to bonnet, this clearly signifies that car’s shocks are worn.

Where to buy auto shock absorbers?

Both front and rear auto shock absorbers are easily available in the market, however, the customer need to buy it from trusted seller., an online marketplace for car spares has online catalogue of rear shock absorbers offered from various OEM and aftermarket spare parts giants along with the price list. You can easily do it by simply putting the brand or make or by entering the part number directly in the search tab.