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Vacuum Pump, Engine
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The car vacuum pump is an automotive component having a function of eliminating gas molecules from a sealed volume. Invented by Otto Von Guericke in 1650 preceding the suction pump which was being used by ages. It is like an added benefit for the engine in order to create a large amount of blow-by. In General, the auto vacuum pump brings some horse power, enhances engine life and keeps the oil cleaner for a longer time. It is one of the car parts which does not have a direct impact on the vehicle rather it improves the vehicle’s efficiency by the means of increasing its power and life. Its failure can lead to several problems. If you see problems like leakage in it, it is always recommended to take the vehicle to the repair shop.

How does it work?

The electric vacuum pump has an inlet hooked up to one or both the valve covers. Its job is to suck the air from an engine which reduces the pressure build-up produced through a blow as a result of combustion gases passes the piston rings to the pan. It varies from the amount of air volume they are able to suck. This is to make a potential vacuum, a pump can produce is limited to the amount of air it can flow. The exhaust coming out of the pump is then sent to the breather tank having a filter at the top to retain fluids sucked out of the engine. Then the exhaust air goes to the air through the air filter.