All You Need to Know About Failing Fuel Injectors

All You Need to Know About Failing Fuel Injectors

Let's understand what fuel injectors are all about...

The evolution of fuel injectors was amongst the major developments in automotive engineering. It is one of those automotive components that have made the cars less polluting and more fuel economical. The injectors play a critical role in vehicle’s functioning as they take fuel to the engine. Therefore, it is very important to have properly working fuel injectors for your car to run smoothly without any issues. Most of the car owners do not know that they can understand the fuel injector problems on their own, which results in saving a large amount to be spent to take their cars to the repair shops. The fuel injector cleaning has to be done by experts who knows the right way to do so otherwise you may end up troubling the process. The car injector price largely depends upon the model you own.

Let's understand the fuel injectors

We all know pretty well that the car’s engine uses an internal combustion process to produce power. The engine gets the oxygen from the surrounding air and fuel from the reservoir. The air intake system takes air to the engine and the fuel injector system takes it to the fuel. As the fuel supply to the engine is limited, hence to use it efficiently, the engine needs to use the right amount of fuel to mix with oxygen. As the supply of oxygen continuously fluctuates, it is the fuel injection system that constantly changes the amount of fuel to be delivered in a precise manner so nothing is wasted.

In simple words, it is a type of valve having electronic controls which received signals from the engine control unit. A fuel pump puts the pressurized fuel into the injectors which indicate engine control unit to tell injectors to open a valve in order to let the pressurize fuel pass through a nozzle. Fuel injectors then spray fuel mist into engine’s intake manifold, which then is spread in the engine for combustion. The more the fuel engine request, the longer the valves stay open. Also, sometimes you may hear the bad fuel injector sounds as well.

Here are the few symptoms and problems related to fuel injectors. It is good to know to problems before finding the adequate results.

Dirty Injectors: The additives which do not get sprayed in manifold can leave its residue on the injectors. These, as a result, burn and form a crust due to the friction produced by repetitive movement. This can lead a weak spray.  

Clogged Injectors: Over the course of the action, clog starts to develop which comes in the form of rust. It can also be an outcome of a car is sitting idle for a longer time without any maintenance. The clogged fuel injectors are unable to supply requirement fuel to intake manifold.

When it does not open: There are times when fuel injector working might not clean due to faulty windings. The windings become faulty as a result of overheat and the rust attached to it can cease the valve. When any of these happens, the wall won’t open and unable to take the fuel to the nozzle.

When it does not close: This can happen due to the faulty spring, rust or fuel additives. If this occurs, the injectors will start leaking the fuel.

When it leaks: Sometimes, you may realize the injectors are leaking. This is a result of the failure of any other system. It can be an outcome of the faulty part which isn’t able to work properly.

Symptoms of bad fuel injection systems

The decrease in power, fuel economy and acceleration: Engine performance issues are amongst the common problems with fuel injectors. If fuel injectors are facing some issues, the air fuel ratio in the engine will not be appropriate resulting in ill engine performance. This can lead to a loss in power and acceleration, lesser fuel economy and engine misfiring.

Fuel Small: This is another symptom indicating a failing of injectors. The injectors hold pressure which over the time results in leaking at the nozzle. This will lead to extra fuel in the combustion chamber. Therefore, any type of smell coming out of fuel should be overlooked soon in order to prevent it from further problems.

Don’t forget to check engine lights: It is a symptom of a potential issue that may arise soon. In case any injector clogs and misfires or any other electrical issue comes up, the system will automatically light up the engine light indicating the driver about the same. The lights can be activated due to many other factors but it is good to check the mechanic than to be sorry later.

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