Car interior cleaning tips

Car interior cleaning tips

HOW to wash the car interior and not to spoil it ➤ CAR INTERIOR cleaning tips ➤ how to clean car seats ✅

How to clean the interior of a car? This is the topic of interest for both amateur car enthusiasts and experiences automobile owners. Everything is more or less clear with washing the exterior parts of cars: a sponge, a bucket of water and just try not to scratch it. However, only a small part of automobile owners know how to wash the car interior and not to spoil it.

It seems simple at first sight: just go and remove the dust, clean and wash everything. Nevertheless, people make their vehicles look like a brand new one after cleaning. Others seem to have done no cleaning at all, as though there was actually no washing at all. Are there some special secret tricks?

Car interior cleaning tips can help you bring back original outlook to the car and gloss it. Here we will tell you how to do a fast make-up inside an auto in detail.

The first step: take away everything unwanted

As it is with conventional housework cleanup, car interior cleaning gets started from getting rid of things that are not intended to be there. They can be roughly divided into two groups: objects whose right place is not in the auto, and rubbish as in usual meaning.

It’s a good idea to start with the first group. It may be of such things: bags, blankets, and pillows for travelling, sun screening glasses and hats and other similar things. They should be moved out of the automobile. Maybe, some of them will turn back there again to the compartment after cleaning. But at the moment they interfere with your work and you’d rather find the right permanent place to store them. Surely, in case you won’t need them on the next trip.

Now it’s time for rubbish. It would be easier if you separate it into large and small. Now take a big trash bag and put the large ones inside:

● plastic bottles;
● cardboard packages from takeaway food;
● glassware;
● parts of broken toys.

Now let’s take all small litter to this very bag if there has left any space (if not, you may take another smaller one):
● candies and cookies wrapping;
● cheques used napkins and other papers;
● Pepsi bottle caps and boxes from juice;
● disposable tableware and other small items;
● ashtray content.

Even after these measures, the machine will become much cleaner. And this was only the first step to a perfect compartment. And don’t forget about the glovebox - it may contain much rubbish!

Second step: clean the carpets

‘Magic’ effect from cleaning visible litter can easily disappear if to look under matting. This interior element sometimes becomes so conventional that we hardly notice it. Mats help you create a cosy atmosphere and increase the comfort of people who sit inside the compartment. Yet they still are awful dust collectors inside a vehicle.

Car enthusiasts mostly prefer two main types of car mats: rubber and textile. Items made of rubber protect the compartment floor from liquid and dirt. Textile accessories make the interior comfier and aesthetic. Depending on the material, each carpet type cleaning requires a personal attitude. The only common thing is that both should be removed from the auto before cleaning.

Rubber mats. Preliminary measures include cleaning them from dust and consolidated dirt with the help of a dry brush. Afterwards, we come up to the entire washing using a great amount of water. It is handy to use a flex hose so that water is supplied under pressure. This can help to wash out worn-in dried dirt. A sponge of moderate ruggedness can also come in handy. You can use foam cleaner and a brush to remove obstinate impurity. Wipe the cleaned carpet dry with a soft absorbing textile wiper.

Textile mats. There are two ways to clean accessories made of this material:

1. Dry cleaning. It can be applied when there are no dirty patches on the item. As a rule, they use a brush or a vacuum cleaner. Surely, the latest one removes dust out of fleece more accurately.
2. Wet cleaning. It is required when there are dirty patches of various difficulty. There exist two types of wet cleaning:

● Using only water. A hose with water under high pressure or a wet-cleaning vacuum can fit here. This attitude is applicable when the dirt is minor and hasn’t penetrated deeply into material yet. Take into account that too high-water head may damage tissue fibres. So, putting the hose right up close to the mat and turning on max power is a bad idea.
● Using special cleaning products. When it is obvious that stains are set there is no point in experiments with a hose. Using a high-quality foaming cleaner is much more efficient. Following chemical’s instruction manual, you will get rid of any dirt and the carpet will look brand new.

Third step: clean trimming and seats

While carpets dry out, it’s time to take a closer look at how to wash car interior and how to clean car seats. And, surely, realize this.

This moment is best for managing trimming and seats. All odd stuff is out so nothing can obstacle reaching each nook and cranny.
It’s better to start from vacuuming. You have to start from up and gradually move down. So, the first thing to do is to vacuum the ceiling. Then gradually move to the surfaces of the bottom part of the compartment. After finishing the ceiling it’s obvious to continue with cleaning panels on each door and around the windows. Next move to the seats. Except for the surface, you will need to vacuum inner parts of pockets and also the space between and behind seats.

Headers specially designed for confined spaces can ease your work. So, crevice nozzle can help you get rid of dust in hardly accessible places like panel sutures or mountings. You can clean the floor surfaces having installed a classic conventional brush.

The next step is wet cleaning. Surely, in case there is minimum dirt and no stains at all – you can omit this. However, sometimes it is necessary to wash the compartment. Efforts and time spent on it are worth the result. The auto will become not only much cleaner inside, but it will also become easier to breathe inside. The reason is in the dust which penetrated inside trimming fibres and is not visible. Nevertheless, it negatively influences the respiratory tract and induces coughing. So surfaces wet cleaning is necessary for not only compartment accuracy but also for your health. If you have any doubts, just google some pictures on the topic and search for doctors’ recommendations.

Washing technology depends on trimming material of seats and compartment.
Velour and other fabric coating require a spray-kind cleaner. Its specifications shall tell you which types of cloth it is compatible with. Except for this, you will need:

● microfiber napkins;
● soft brush for velour and a rough one for other textiles;
● cotton towel.

Pulverize spray on the surface and rub it in with microfiber cloth. Leave it for a few minutes to let detergent soak in and then thoroughly handle the trimming with a brush. Pay special attention to stains. Use a cotton towel to remove redundant washing liquid, preliminarily moisture it in the water and well wring it. Leave the surface to get dry round the clock in a warm and dry room.
Natural leather trimming should never be washed with a soap solution. It harms the entire material: there may appear blotchiness and cracks. Purchase cleaning compounds developed especially for leather and use it exclusively. You may also search for a cleaner devoted to entirely your type of leather.

Most often a cleaner for natural skin has a creamy consistency. Use a microfiber cloth to rub it into the material until it is fully absorbed. Leave it to get dried for a few hours. Later you may cover it with tint cream to make it look newer and brighter.

Artificial leather trimming is less demanding in care. You are free to use a soap solution for cleaning. You can use both microfiber and cotton cloth for cleaner application and removing. Nevertheless, you must mop up the surface until perfectly dry. Difficult stains can be managed with special cleaners for text leather.
Trimming sutures collect much dirt. Dust, minor rubbish parts and spots are easier to remove with a toothbrush. Drop some relevant cleaner on it and thoroughly rub junction edges.

Step four: put the dashboard in order

The dashboard is sort of a visiting card of a driver. A passenger can make his opinion about a car’s owner’s habits and his attitude to personal transport.
Certainly, a permanent perfectly clean dashboard is hardly real. Exaggeratedly thorough care about it often means that the car is new and the driver does his best to save its initial facial appearance longer. With the course of regular frequent vehicle usage, the dashboard surface in any way collects some dirt. The driver has no time for struggling with this each and every hour.

That’s why you should pay special attention to the dashboard while car interior cleaning. Dust and dirt are less likely to stick to it when the care is proper. You can reach this by the correct choice of cleaner and polisher and also following simple instructions for the entire cleaning process.

You have to take into account the following aspects while searching for the right cleaner:

1. Basic products are good for regular wiping. Yet, general cleaning requires liquids of a stronger impact. They can manage deep and difficult stains.
2. The visual effect after the cleaner can be either glossy or matte. Here everything is up to the personal preferences of the driver.
3. Each product has its own protective abilities. Some washers improve plastic resistance to temperature drops or direct sunlight. Others grant the surface with anti-static qualities.
4. A liquid with polishing effect can conceal minor scratches. Being used accurately, it can refresh the interior appearance.
5. A strong cleaner really can be safe for health. Respectable brands produce modern cleaners that don’t cause allergy and are harmless to use. At the same time, their ability to remove dirt remains great.
6. Even a highly effective cleaner may have a specific odour that might be unpleasant. So, it’s better to check this before purchase.

The dashboard cleaning process includes the following steps:
● give a test to the cleaner on a small and barely visible part of the plastic surface;
● remove dust and surface dirt with a microfiber cloth;
● remove ventilation bars and clean them using cotton swabs or a toothbrush;
● cover ground-in stains with an intensive remover, leave for the time specified in instruction and remove with a cloth;
● spread a spray cleaner over a cloth and thoroughly wipe the dashboard;
● install vent bars back to their mountings.

Wipe the dashboard with a microfiber cloth once a day or two to make the next cleaning take less time.

Step five: make glasses and mirrors glitter

It’s always pleasant to look around through a clean window and see the reflection in a clean mirror. Moreover, glass and mirrors condition have practical importance for car owners. The better he can see the outer road situation, the timelier he performs traffic manoeuvres. So, to clean glass elements of the vehicle means to take care of security.

Before cleaning makes sure that the surface is of glass and not of plastic. A cleaner that fits one material may severely harm another one.

Act in four steps:
1. Wipe the elements around window glasses and the back of mirrors with a slightly wet cloth. In case there have left stains, which cannot be removed in such a way, use special cleaners that are relevant to the material. Better try not to contact it with glass.
2. Clean the exterior side of window glasses. You can use a soap solution and don’t forget to wet the cloth frequently. However, this causes stains on the car body’s surface, so you will have to wash it also. Never rub the glasses with a dry cloth or sponge – you will scratch them in such a way!
3. Wash the glasses from inside. Better use special car care products – it makes removing stains and dirt easier. Also, it will protect the surface from further pollution. Spray the cleaner on the cloth but not the glass to avoid stripes on the surface.
4. Polish the mirrors with special car chemicals for this purpose

So, you have done thorough important work. There have left a few minor things. Give an airing to a compartment, use freshener with the pleasant smell if you wish. Now put back carpets and things you need in the automobile.

That’s all: compartment is good as new and you don’t want to leave it. Oh, yes, don’t forget to clean the steering wheel!


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