Choosing The Right Oil Filter For Your Automobile

Choosing The Right Oil Filter For Your Automobile

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Having a highly effective oil filter is crucial to the smooth functioning of any automobile. Motor oil serves the driving factor for keeping the engine up and running for a longer period of time. However, through the gradual circulation, more often than not, this motor oil accumulates a lot of dirt and grease which then circulates in the engine, causing a lot more damage to it than expected. This inevitably decreases the longevity of the engine on the whole.




Basically oil filters fall into three primary categories considering various aspects like oil filter size, oil filter nature, etc. We can refer to them in the manner listed below accordingly.

  1. Primary oil filter

These filters are the most standardized oil filters and are in great use in the various automobiles. Backed up by a bypass valve in case of potential clogging, this particular oil filter provides the greatest efficiency in filtration activities, thus helping the lubrication of the corresponding engine to the maximum. This is the most recommended of oil filters in the present market scenario.


  1. Secondary oil filter

A secondary oil filter serves as the backup of the primary oil filter and provides for further filtration of the corresponding oil. This type of filter is basically dedicated to diesel and gasoline engines and is used by the corresponding manufacturers for delivering greater efficacy to the given automobile under creation.


  1. Magnetic oil filter

This particular strategy involves installation of a magnet at either side of the oil filter. The presence of a magnet attracts all types of metals and other rust agents from getting into the engines of the automobiles. This particular oil filters is comparatively expensive because of its defined concept and the cost of the same can be found in the various oil filter price list made available online.


Before you proceed on to buying an oil filter for your vehicle, it is imperative that you know how to choose oil filter best suited to deliver highly efficient performance for your automobile engine.


  1. Ensure best fit oil filter size and design

The size of oil filters is highly characteristic of the size of the engines for which they are being developed.Most often, the design elements of the same vary as per the corresponding manufacturer’s specifications.

Choosing the best oil filter includes detailed research on the sizes and the design strategies involved in making the corresponding filter and the engine specifications of the vehicle which requires the particular installation as such. Once all these requirements are documented successfully, one can very well ensure that finding the right oil filter is not going to be as difficult as it sounds.


  1. Choose the right oil filter wrench

Having an oil filter adapter and an oil filter wrench best suited to meet your automobile engine requirements makes it for installation of the right oil filter sized best for your engine. Make sure, to get hold of the right fit wrench as per your automobile. They are available in the market for the corresponding car model. However, if you are planning to use it for more than one automobile, I would strongly suggest you to have a universal wrench at your disposal.


  1. Consider your investment options

Most oil filters come in various pricing strategies and it is highly essential that you choose the correct oil filter that provides the best of the performance standards to your automobile. If you prefer to buy online, I would strongly advise you to go through various websites offering this product and have a comparative pricing strategy before going for investment. Make sure to check for the various specifications and installation reviews by the other customers, before you proceed on to buying it.


  1. Inspect the filter carefully

Most of the oil filters that have greater number of pleats associated with them provide better filtration opportunities on a comparatively larger scale. If possible, make sure to go for those filters that offer filtration numbers of up to 3 micron to 10 micron range.

Choose for a metal end cap and stay away from cardboard type filters. These are highly prone to deterioration and generally not recommended.Carefully observe the bypass valve and choose a gasket which is made of rubber rather than of plastic. A rubber gasket gives a better fit on the whole, thus ensuring better oil filtration and prevention of possible leaks.



Most oil filters are not suited to all types of oils. Hence, make sure to get hold of one that offers universal oil filtration support instead of a particular type of oil. This will ensure that you always stand at an advantage in terms of the best oil filtration strategies for your automobile, better to go for OEM option and you can search on - OEM auto parts


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