DIY: Common Car Air Conditioning Problems Busted

DIY: Common Car Air Conditioning Problems Busted

Overcome the scorching heat of summer by following simple steps...

Summer is just around the corner and most of the people have already started feeling repercussions of this hot season. Often termed as a hectic season of this tropical country, the season scorches almost all parts of the country with sweltering heat. Driving in summer without A/C is no less than a battle where their shield in winters against the winds becomes a hot box. It becomes very difficult for people to drive in such a warm weather. So, it becomes very important for the car owners to make their car a/c work properly before the season starts. Addressing these issues earlier might save your pocket from costly repairs. Given below are the few DIY (Do It Yourself) tips in order win your battle against the scorching heat.    

Cools but not up to the mark

The A/C brings down the temperature in your car which cools, dries and cleans the inside air by releasing warmer air outside. If it is set at max and fans are high but blows moderately. Follow below points to overcome this issue.

  • See if cooling fans on the condensor or radiator are running while a/c is on.
  • See if there is any restrictions like bugs, dirt or leaves are affecting the air passing over the condenser.
  • Take a look on cabin air filter for the clogg.


Don’t Forget the Compressor

You don’t really realize the importance of car a/c compressor until it’s gone. Without an a/c compressor you along with your passengers are on for a very uncomfortable and extremely stuffy ride. While diagnosing the a/c issue of your car, it is recommended to start with compressor.

  • Switch the car a/c to max cooling while keeping the fans on high and make sure sure that the clutch is engaging on the compressor.
  • When you found out that clutch is not engaging, use voltmeter in order to check the voltage reaching to the compressor.
  • If there is a voltage - clutch is bad. If there is no voltage, cycle switch is bad which is a result of blown fuse and your car system does not have required refrigerant pressure to handle the low pressure cutoff switch which runs the compressor.


Check for Leaks

Leaks are amongst the major problems associated with car a/c, so it good to check for leaker in your car’s air conditioning system right before the beginning of summer. You can do the following things to find the leaks.

  • If the pressure is low, there is a possibility of leak.
  • Take a look on all the fittings to see if everything is secure.
  • Don’t forget to look at the hose manifolds of compressor.
  • Check for the pin holes in condenser.


Solid Condenser

The condenser in your car is responsible for creating pressure in compressor that results in cooling. Blockage in condenser due to dirt, dust or any other reason will not let you take the comfortness of cooling.

In order the clean the block condenser, you can use the good quality flushing agent which vaporise easily and leave no mark in the system. Moreover, you can replace the condenser if using it for some years and started giving you some trouble.


Mechanical problems

An ineffective compressor clutch, an inoperative pressure switch and a non working valve will result in less cooling or no cooling at all. There are various little things that are waiting to be repaired, so make sure to run routine checks in order to tackle the issues promptly.

Turn the car air conditioning system on and see if compressor, its clutch switch, wires, fuses, fan belts are working fine. Also, take a look on compressor oil, if it is contaminated or not. Flush the a/c to replace the old oil with the new one.

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