7 Emergency items you should keep in your car

7 Emergency items you should keep in your car

You never know when your car will let you in trouble so always keep your car equipped with following emergency items and enjoy your long drives.

It is pretty unfortunate that you are stuck in the middle of nowhere suddenly stops. The situation becomes worse if you are traveling without any emergency item. It is very important to fill your car trunk with some essential tools, along with the baggage and food stuff you are carrying.

 Here is a list of 7 emergency items, which you must keep in your car whether you are carrying your coffee mug and French fries or not!

You may have many things in your car but are these things good enough to help you out in repairing the car if it broke down in the middle?

Match our list and your toolkit to find out where you are lacking so that you can update yourself for any havoc.

Believe me, there is nothing bad than seeking help in the bright sunny day. So, always be prepared with the emergency items to cope with similar situations.

Travelling is fun and nobody wants to spoil it due to some nasty car break-down, so let’s fight it. Get armed with these tools before we begin-

1. Tire Sealant

The tire sealants are among the most helpful items to add in your car toolkit. They are essentially a fiber-filled slime that skins the Insider of the car or bike tube so that the flats can be prevented.

Tire Sealant saves from the tragic tube bursts, which may happen anytime. The best thing is - it can prevent the leaking of air from the tire. It is not always possible that the repairing shop is nearby. So, it would be great idea to keep the tire sealant and use it to prevent the flats and bursts.

Some tires are pretty good at leaking and using sealants can fill accidental pore. It is must have for addition for your tool kit. 

If not completely, these sealants can help you in reaching the nearest repairing aid. Obviously, you will never want to go to the repairing shop, dragging your heavy four-wheeler manually. These cars are supposed to carry us, not meant for making us exercise by pulling them, right?

2. The inflators

The fix-n flat is a very common problem with the cars. Most of the travelers are lazy at checking their cars regularly. So, it is not rare to find your car running out of Air in the middle of your journey. The inflators are meant for such situations.

The flat tires are not always because of carelessness, the bad tracks can also result in such situations. So, it is another important tool to put in the car trunk along with the things you carry.

Next time, when the tire flats down to tease you, you will be ready to fix it to laugh back at it. Keeping the inflators in the car is a great idea to make long journeys easy and smooth. The auto shops can be reached easily with the help of them as the tire will have a temporary fix for some time.

Keeping the tires fully inflated not only helps you. It also helps the car in maintaining the good health and mileage. It reduces the chances of the tire explosions. So, in order to handle the situation without freaking out, get the tire inflators and put them in the car for facing the bad happenings easily.

3. Jumper cables

The dead battery in the middle of the trip can disturb you badly. We all are not good enough at jump-starting the car, as it requires a lot of knowledge of - what is enclosed in the bonnet.

So, the alternative for such situation are the jumper cables. It is basically an emergency booster of the dead batteries. When your car or any other car doesn’t start, you can save yourselves and others by using the jumper cables safely.

Improper use of these cables can be dangerous so take special care while jump starting the car. Also, make sure that no kid is near the car.

The emergency items are really necessary to put inside the car otherwise you will be left puzzled when such things happen. If you do not want to drag the car manually in such situations, it is better to pack the useful things indeed.

Your jumper cables may help others too if they are facing the same situation so it is a welfare means too. Who do not want to be a superhero in front of others?

The gauge number also matters in case of the jumper cables. So, be careful while buying them. Ask the expert about the type cable suitable for your car. It will prevent you from buying the wrong tool.

4. A Spare tire

A spare tire, in good condition, is something without which you should never even plan to travel. If you are doing so, you are in great trouble.

The journey may take you to a situation when your tire is burst or flat. It is more than required to have an extra tire in such situation otherwise you are in a really big problem.

It is very rare to find the help exactly at the place, where your car is broken. The long journeys are especially troublesome- the paths are all bare and the help cannot arrive in few minutes.

Imagine, you have an urgent meeting in the nearby city and the tire bursts. Without a spare tire, it is impossible to reach on time. The worst is - you are stuck in the middle of a road, lined with trees on both sides, and it is night. You will never want to spend your whole night beneath the terror of wild animals.

So, always keep stepney in your car at least during the journey.

5. Car’s manual

The technology has gone so far. You cannot know or memorize everything. Also, if your profession is not related to automobiles, it is senseless learning the car repairing tactics, tire changing etc. You may be interested in knowing the life-saving hacks, but not the complete insights of the car.

So, keeping the car manual in the trunk is a great idea. It provides a bunch of useful knowledge like changing the tires, and so forth.

The car manuals cover most of the small tutorials, which can be used to get back on the road with a running car. The solutions, specifically you the car you own, are put together by the specialist. It is specially prepared to help those, who are partially aware or unaware of the automobile technology.

6. Duct Tape

Have you ever seen a guy, with tape around the car? Do you wonder why people do so?

It is because the duct tape actually works well - well enough to give you the time to reach the mechanic shop easily. So, that you can get your car repaired without any trouble.

You will be glad to find your car is finely drivable, even with some damaged parts, if it met an accident. The side mirrors, bumpers and other parts like the grill may not favour you. But the car, temporarily fixed with the duct tape, will allow you to reach the automobile shop.

7. Magnetic Flashlight and Reflective Triangles

The people, passing by your vehicle, may get angry if they find you standing out of the car unnecessarily. As they have no indication of your car’s condition, they can’t be blamed. Reflective triangles can help a lot in such circumstances. You should keep at least three such triangles in the car while traveling.

Magnetic flashlight LEDs are much better than the mobile batteries. The mobile relies on the charging. It is possible that the phone is switched off due to overuse. So, flashlights come in handy for such situations. The night and draining of cell phone battery will not scare you if you find the car damaged in the mid of travel.

Technology is meant to make our lives comfortable and luxurious but if these technology-Bourne speedy cars broke down in the middle of nowhere, it can create a difficult situation. On our part, we should always be ready with the aids to face such situations.

Relying too much on such things can create bothersome situations sometimes. The cars are comfy when they are working fine, but niggling when they are wrecked. They do not know - when and where to broke down so that the owner can find the fix easily. So, better is to keep some helpful things in the car’s trunk instead of relying on the technology completely.

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