5 simple steps to use VIN search to find spare parts

5 simple steps to use VIN search to find spare parts

Searching spare parts through the VIN lets you get the best parts matched to your car. Follow 5 easy steps...

Whenever you want to search for the exact part for your car, you must have heard the word “VIN”. This is a vehicle identification number, an identifying code for a specific vehicle. It is like a fingerprint of a car, as no two automobiles will have the same number. It comprises 17 alphanumeric characters and showcases the unique features, specifications, and manufacturer of the vehicle. It is also used to track registrations, recalls, warranty claims, insurance coverage and theft.  You can find all the information about VIN at “Why your car has special Chassis/VIN number?”.

How does it help you to find spare parts at boodmo?

Finding a spare part for your vehicle at boodmo is not as complex as it looks. Rather, finding it through VIN let the customer get the exact part they are looking for. The process is very simple and includes five simple steps.

Step 1.  Enter VIN


The first and the foremost thing one need to do is; log on to our website and register themselves with us. Now, on the home page, one will get the option to search through “by car” and “by VIN”. Choose the option VIN and select the brand or make from the list of manufacturers. Just, under the brand or make, there is a box to enter VIN, simply enter the VIN and click and on search. For example, you own a Gen 5 Honda City and looking for the front damper. See the picture above. 

Step 2. Category Selection


Step 3. Choose the Schema


Once you have selected the specific category, it will take you to another page, where you have to select the schema of the product you need. This is the family of a specific part where it most likely to be found in. This is to make sure that you get the right part and you don’t have to face trouble later.

Step 4. Select the mark of required part

Once the family is chosen, you will see a picture along with the list of part name and number . When you select the number on the certain part, it will automatically get selected on the list. Now, all you need to do is, click on the buy now tab shown in red colour. It will take you to the product page.

Step 5. Buy Now


Once you click on buy option, the product page will come up showcasing the price and production description along with the add to cart tab. Just below the add to cart tab, there is box for PIN code to let see the delivery time. You can then add it to the cart and follow the payment process further.

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