How Often Does Cabin Air Filter Need Replacement?

How Often Does Cabin Air Filter Need Replacement?

Are you wearing an air mask while driving or just close your A/C air intake?


That's quite inquisitive question!

You'll find people wearing mask in Japan, it's pretty surprising but their concern towards pollution is always a topic for severe discussion.

And No, you can't avoid pollution just closing A/C intake. In this case you voluntarly close the supply of fresh air and breath in more CO2 than required.

Actually health concerns are the crucial part of equations everywhere according to the researches. Car makers eliminate this masks with cabin air filter inside their car. There are many people who don’t even think of this and later suffer from reduced air flow from A/C vents. Because, after running 50,000 kilometers filter becomes cruddy with trapped insects, leaves, pollen dust or any exhaustive particles which may find their way into vehicle's HVAC (heating ventilating and air conditioning) systems.


What is Cabin Air Filter?

The cabin filter is a high air filtration medium between external intake and inner passenger compartment area.

It captures the airborne impurities that can harm your respiratory systems. Most air filters are designed as a pleated paper or even cotton with various filtration media like carbon. 


When it should be replaced?

Cabin filters protect you from outside air and stop allergens, soot, and bacteria from getting inside your car. It needs to be replaced periodically because you should inhale healthy air. Cabin filter needs replacement approximately every 15,000 to 30,000 kilometers. Also before winter sets it is the accurate time to check your cabin air filter.

Moreover, some signs like reduced air flow from HVAC system and when you hear loud noise while air blow. Even more, when your air conditioner distributes bad odors, it tells you that air get circulated inside, filter is dirty, clogged and requires changing.

Replacement procedure of cabin air filter 

If your vehicle includes air conditioner then timely checking your cabin air filter is an important part of regular maintenance. It not only improves the circulation and performance of your air conditioning system, but also enhances the quality of air that is being circulated inside your car.

Some cabin filters are placed rear of the glove box and are easily accessible by freeing up from fasteners (Note: Refer the manual first).

As others are placed inside the dashboard or under the hood. Some filters need handy equipments to screw off so it's better if you find any near way mechanic and follow their suggestions.

During next change ask mechanic to show old cabin air filter to you, you will be surprised to see the found elements in it. Timely replacement is very essential for both yours and your car's health. Keep it clean and be healthy.

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