How to clean engine bay

How to clean engine bay

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In case your messy, oily engine bay is influencing you to wince, you can undoubtedly clean it with a couple ways. To maintain a strategic distance from exorbitant fixes, try to clean the engine bay once the vehicle has chilled off, and make sure to disengage the battery and cover every electrical part with plastic before starting. If you see anything not working properly, you can get the engine bay parts. With a brief period and exertion, your engine bay will gleam!

Here are a few tips how to clean engine bay.

  • Collect all the supplies and put protective gear on: Make sure to wear gloves, wear mask and eye protection to make sure that no dirt grease go into the mouth. You would require a wrench in order to remove battery cables, vacuum, compressor and paint brushes and micro fibre towel.
  • Wait for the car to cool down. Spraying cold water on hot engine can crack or warp it, which can result in costly repairs. Besides, a hot motor will quickly dry the cleaner, making spots on the motor. The best time to clean your motor straight is in the first part of the day, since the vehicle has cooled medium-term. It it is not possible then let the car cool down.
  • Be sure that all the reservoir caps, for the brake fluid, coolant and power steering fluid are sealed perfectly. Press all the dipsticks to make sure they are sealed too and you don’t want water to go inside.
  • Make sure to disconnect the battery and cover the electricals. If possible, remove the battery completely, which will make it easy for you to clean the area. Then cover the spark plug, coil packs, the distributor caps, distributors and all the filters using electrical tape. All these parts should not get wet, hence it should be skipped.
  • Using a paint brush, start loosen the dust and then vacuum it. You would need a few brushes to clean it completely from nooks and crannies. If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, then you can throw the dust away with leaf blower. Do the same to the complete engine using brushes and vacuum.

  • Splash the motor narrows with a feeble stream of warm water before applying any cleaner to evacuate free soil and grime. Abstain from showering the secured electrical parts. Flushing the straight first causes the cleaner to spread equitably and lessens spotting. Ensure you don't utilize chilly water, which could break the square.
  • Diluting the cleaner will offer better cleaning. Use one-part cleaner and one-part water. Then spray at the entire engine bay expect electrical parts. Pay special attention to the firewall, hoses, caps and fluid containers which likely to build grime.
  • Once rinsing it done, you are then need to remove the excessive water from the engine bay. Wipe it with microfibre towel completely and switch to fresh one if the one gets dirty. Clean every spot which you may have missed with degreaser.
  • Then, using a leaf blower, you can suck up or blow out all the water from small areas. As you have now gotten the most of the engine bay dry, remove electric tape and plastic from the covered parts. Dispose both the things after removal.
  • Once, the engine bay is completely dry, you can start the car. Let it start until, it reaches the normal temperature of operation. If it has reached that level then turn the engine off. After this, you are free to drive as you would normally do.

All the above were some of the best ways to clean the engine bay. All the 10 points answers the questions like how to clean car engine or what to use to clean engine bay. If any of the component is not working, you can get the new parts online from boodmo. It is a one stop destination for all the spare parts need.

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