How to install LED light bar

How to install LED light bar

How to install LED light bars ➤ The reason LED are more preferred ➤ Types of LED ✅

It is no secret that LED lights have revolutionized the world. And when it comes to driving, the technology has made our roads safer, and that is one thing we should always pride in. No one can deny these lights are making a difference in the lives of many motorists.

First, they are brighter, much more than what you get from normal lights Those who travel off-road understand the importance of such lights. Sometimes you will find yourself in such dark spots on the road the normal lights become useless. Well, you won’t need worry if you got LEDs.

Apart from being extra bright, they are very efficient in terms of energy consumption. They only use a fraction of the energy consumed by the older models. This is one among the reasons these lights are becoming particularly useful.

The reason LED are more preferred

There are a number of benefits that come with these lights that are quite obvious. It is common knowledge today as they are found in many cars around the world.

● Perhaps one thing you might not be aware of is the light bars can be installed in any vehicle. LED light bar is one lighting feature that provides a greater field of light. They ensure you get maximum visibility under any circumstances.

● Using LED lights, you get the attention needed on the road from say police cars. You can also discover what first responders and emergency vehicles are up to because of these lights.

● Today, the technology used in these lights has been taken a notch higher. You may be surprised to discover how they are made. The advancement made in the emergency vehicles and other tech regarding the use of light bars cannot be ignored. The bars seem like new technology, but one that is being used for a wide range of situations.

Installing these lights however is a whole new field all together. The good news is you can do it yourself at home. They may seem hard but a little knowledge will go a long way to get you where you want to be. If you consider how beautiful your car will look and how bright your off-road nights will be, you just want to design them yourself on the vehicle.

We are going to share simple steps of getting these lights on. But first, it is vital to discover what they are and how useful they can be.

To light darker corners

Driving off the road can be quite hard. At night, there are spots that may become pitch black. Try driving on roads that have sharp bends for instance. You will realize there is a lot of improvement you need on your lights.

Unfortunately, the lights that come with your car don’t offer as much brightness as you need. It becomes very hard to drive when the lights cannot give you enough visibility. Sometimes even the full lights cannot see a few meters ahead of you. This is why there are so many accidents during the night. When driving on a road you are not very familiar with, proper visibility is mandatory.

Because of this, many people are boosting their lights with LED light bars. You will notice many cars, trucks, utility vehicles fitted with these lights. They provide light as though it were daylight.

And things just keep getting better. The use CREE LED light bars has only improved the adoption of the lights. These are the most powerful and highly intensive lights. You can get up to 60-90 lumen power output from them. There is no dark area that can prove too dark for these lights. They make the area seem like it is in the middle of the day.

The best LED bar for car may have LEDs ranging from 4 to 100 bulbs. They also come with different range of Watt capacities. You can witness this technology in other lights, including in floodlights and hybrid.

Using multi-color technology has improved things even better. It is a technology that is improving the use of LEDs to levels no one would have ever imagined.

Through this technology, LED lights can deliver colored lights. The need for original white light is no longer a must.

And though they are colored, the technology does not even rely on colored lenses. They can come on as soon as you turn the LEDs on. In this manner, you don’t need to get colored lenses; rather, you use clear lenses that are more sustainable.

The reason why clear lenses are used is so that one can get more vibrant and eye-catching lights. No wonder, they are so functional on emergency vehicles. This would not be so if the lenses were colored; the color would probably affect the light output.

When we talk about multicolor technology, some people may think it is a very new technology. The truth is, multicolor technology has been around for quite awhile now. It can produce a different range of lights, including red, green and blue. It all happens with the power from a microchip.

Before the invention of LED lighting, multicolor tech was never used in emergency vehicles. The lights were not powerful enough to produce the effect needed. It was not possible to even see the flashing from a close proximity.

Today, however, LED technology has made it all possible. The technology applies the use of two control chips.  It works in such a way that one color achieves complete fullness before leaving it to the other. This coordination lead to the creation of a rapid and effective system. Driver on the road can see the flashing lights from a distance and tell there is a problem.

More improvements have been made on this technology. In place where you need multi switches, modern ones only have one switch that controls the whole system. It is operated from the dashboard, giving the driver an easy time to choose the colors they want. You can for example choose between blue and red, as the situation demands.  

Where can you fit LEDs

LED technology is not only useful on its own. The latest tech in modern vehicles can be integrated with other technologies. One of the biggest advantage is that they are small enough to fit onto the vehicle without drawing too attention. They can be easily fitted on any part, taking up the least space possible.

This means it can be used in a wide range of emergency vehicles. The most applicable situation is there use by undercover police vehicles. They can be fitted to the grill with ease. No one can notice they are there until their power is witnessed when they are switched on.

As if that is not enough, they can be fitted with other techs due to their compatibility. For instance, most are used with sirens. Meaning a single click of a button is enough to get people facing your direction. You can either activate one, or all of the as the situation calls.

What types of LED are used?

There is a wide range of different LED lights on the market today. The most common ones are the Gen III 1-watt LED. This is the light used in a number of light bar products. You can witness them in the full-size 48-inch variety.

However, it is not advisable to look directly into them. They are paced with a between 23,000 to 30,000 lumens. This can be quite hard on your eyes and can cause damage.

Another great advantage of using LEDs is durability. These are lights that are moisture and heat resistance, a feature that makes them withstand conditions normal lights can’t.

How to install LED light bars

After understand what LED lights are and how useful they are, it is time you learned how to install. You don’t need to wait for hours in a garage when you can do it yourself. Here are the most basic steps anyone can use.

Step 1: Set you car in the right position

There is need to be very careful when installing these lights. They are quite powerful and can easily affect the other parts of your car. There is a lot that can go wrong, even though it seems easy.

Start by disconnecting the car battery. Since you are connecting components that involve electrical power, it can be very easy to short the battery.

Remove the wire off the ground terminal first. This ensures you can safely remove the positive terminal.

Step 2: Include the bar light

After preparing the car, you are now ready to mount your bar. Identify a good mounting position that gives your bar great sturdiness. Remember the light bar needs to be held strong in place. Therefore, choose a location that is strong and steady. You don’t want you lights dropping off when you go off-road.

The area should allow for drilling. Do not choose an area that will render your car useless when you try to drill; no other parts should be compromised.

Then, the drilling procedure must be safe. Start by using a marker to select your holes. Puncturing anything without marking is not a good idea. It can make you create unwanted holes.

Now attach the bolts. Do not tighten them yet because you will need to adjust from time to time. Normally, LED lights bar kit comes equipped with bolts, mounting brackets, wires and nuts. They may also have a wiring harness, or you can buy one from your local store.

Get the right wiring harness that is compatible with the wiring system of your vehicle? Consider the LED bar light bar. This is because wiring can be quite tricky at times. Possibilities of short circuits are wide. There must be a wiring diagram in your manual, consider this.

Untangle the wiring harness. This will help you identify the wires effectively without mixing up those that can affect your vehicle system. The harness comes with a switch, a red power cable and a black ground cable. It also has a relay, and a pair of connector wires. All these items are set for the light bar to ensure your connection is successful.

Step 3: The switch

Setting the switch in place requires detaching it from the wire segment first. After this, you can the route it, through your firewall until it gets to the dashboard.

Find your desire location for the switch. Get a good adhesive and use it to stick the switch. Now, you can reconnect the other end wiring line of the switch back.

Good news is, the switch comes with proper connections to make the setup easy for you. You only need to find a proper location for it. Remember to put it in an ideal place where you can reach with ease.

Step 4: The wires

The ideal location will be anywhere near the battery. This is to ensure you get proper connection to the battery. The red positive cable mounts directly to the red terminal of the battery. The black negative cable on the other hand should go to the chassis.

Always ensure the wires are cleanly tagged. Find a good location in the engine bay and keep the excess wires there.

Step 5: Harness

The remaining work is now on the harness. The remaining wires should give you a clear working way from here because they connect directly to the LED light bar.

Simply run them to the light bar then hook the connector wires first. Then you can go back to the light bar brackets and adjust the angle of your light bar.

Once you have got the right position, tighten the bolts to secure it.

Well done! You can now turn on the lights and enjoy the new brightness.


LED lights are great for off-road driving. They can be used on streets and highways too in most states. But before taking them there, check with your local traffic and roads laws. Mounting them without proper considerations can easily get you in trouble.

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