How to remove scratches from car

How to remove scratches from car

How to remove scratches from car ⏩ Removing Car paint scratches ✅ Key Steps to remove scratches from auto ☝

Even one small scratch can mar the impression of a vehicle. All these superficial blemishes occur not only from careless driving. A tree branch from the roadside, a stone popping out from under the wheels of a passing vehicle or even a wiper can easily leave a trace on your car’s body or glass. It is one thing to have a scratch on some plastic part, and completely another thing to have it on your car’s bonnet or door. And if you don’t clinch this matter shortly, the fault place will quickly get rusty and become a serious problem.

In this article we will discover how to remove scratches from car, in particular from its body, windshields, windows, bumper, touch screen and mirrors.

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How to remove scratches from car paint

If a scratch damaged only the top coat of varnish on the hood of car – it will be quite easy to remove it. For this purpose, a wax polish or a paste with small abrasive particles is used. This polish fills scratches quite good and creates a thin protective coat. However, it doesn’t adhere for too long and a scratch will occur again making you apply it one more time.

The use of a low-abrasive paste is considered to be the best option for removing shallow scratches. To do this you will need a paste, a polisher, a grit paper (preferably P2000), a napkin and some water spray. Wash your car thoroughly before you get started with this procedure. Then, treat the damaged area with a wet grip paper and dry it up. Paste the scratch and polish it using swirl method, gradually increasing RPM. But polishing is not going to be enough to refurbish the paint damage. In that case you can use a restoration pencil or some paint. This method is also suitable for the removal of small scratches from leather car seats. The restoration pencil resembles a nail polish bottle.

First off, you should clean the damaged surface and degrease it. Then, carefully cover it with paint. It is better not to wash your car within the next week in order to get the mastic polymerization process completed and fix the result.

If a scratch is deep and the interior paint layer is damaged, then the first thing you have to do is to treat it by a prime coat. Then, you can carefully touch the scratch with paint and give a coat of varnish.

How to remove scratches from car glass

Glass (even automobile one) is a fragile material. Therefore, you have to be very careful working with it. Only small and light scratches can be safely removed from car glass.

There are two methods to remove damages from glass parts of cars:

1. Wet grinding. It is suitable for those parts, from which you can remove a thick glass coat without affecting its functionality. This can be done manually with the help of a large-grain paste. Such grinding is suitable even for a plastic headlight.

2.  Polishing. Prepare the surface and carefully mark the areas you need to work with. Then, cover your car’s body with the film. Degrease the working area and paste it. There is a special polishing machine or a hand drill with the fabric header. In the second case, you should closely watch the glass temperature, since the drill has no option of working area cooling.

If, for some reason, the glass you work with cannot be polished, then you can hide scratches with the help of a photopolymer. However, this mean does not guarantee long-term strength and soon you will have to do it again.

How to remove scratches from car windows

You must be very careful removing scratches from a windshield. If you are overzealous in polishing or remove too thick glass layer, the lens effect will appear. In most cases, it is possible to remove all small scratches on windows by your own, using grinding. This process is similar to the one for the car’s body. In addition, you can use some diamond paste and waterproof mixture at the end of your work. This will fix the result.

If there are many scratches and they are deep – try to consider a possibility to get your vehicle for repair and to replace your windscreen with the new one.

How to remove scratches from car bumper

Scratch removal methods for such plastic parts like a bumpers or a dashboard depend on the depth of a scratch. Small and shallow surface scratches can be removed with the help of hand-polishing. To do that you should clean and degrease the working surface and polish it with a fine emery paper, watering it from time to time. Then, treat paint-and-lacquer coating with a felted cloth and wipe it dry with a woolen fabric.

Aside from that, chips can be hidden with the help of a wax pencil. This is a quick and simple method, and the result lasts for around 10 days. Almost any deep scratch can be removed with the help of a hot-air gun. Plastic becomes flexible and fluid under the hot airstream, making all scratches “skin over”. Perform this procedure carefully and only on unpainted parts.

How to remove scratches from car touch screen

To remove scratches and scuffs from a touch screen of your car, use the following:

  • High-quality tooth powder: put it on a cotton disc or on a napkin, rub it in a light circular motion and wipe a touch screen in order to remove the remnants.
  • Scratch removal cream: put it on a screen and wipe with a soft cloth.
  • Baking soda: dilute it with water in the ratio of 2:1, put the resulting paste on a soft tissue napkin and wipe a touch screen. After treatment, wipe the surface with a wet cloth in order to remove the remnants of soda.

How to remove scratches from car mirror

There are several removers of scratches from car mirrors:

1. Transparent silicon sealer: degrease a scratch with spirit, dry it and fill it with a sealing compound. The sealing compound will dry up within 24 hours. The remnants should be carefully cut off.

2. Cerium oxide: dilute this remedy with water until a thick paste is obtained. Then, put the resulted mixture on a scratch. Polish the mirror. Repeat the procedure as necessary.

3. Special chrome oxide-based rubbing compounds: put the powder on the damaged area, rub it for a few minutes and then, wipe the area with a dry napkin.

Follow these easy advices and your car will always look like a brand-new vehicle.

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