Magic Bus: The new form of public Transport

Magic Bus: The new form of public Transport

With the growing population, the demand for comfortable and fast transportation is also rising, the Magic bus Service in silicon valley is best example of new form of public transport.

Magic Bus is a new start up in Y combinator, which is appearing to attract a large employee base with its commuting services. The innovative step took by the founders Ray Wu, Chris Upjohn and Jason Kraft is now filling the routes of suburbs and cities with hopes of better transportation facilities.

There are a number of startups which are involved in the carpooling business in the bay area which includes the Lyft and Uber, but the founders of magic bus believe that their services are unique and much different from the others.

The Y combinator, which is world’s largest incubator of start-ups, has funded them for developing the infrastructure and better commutation. The WiFi-enabled bus with a capacity of 16 passengers at a time gives a feel of a private vehicle. The people are viewing it as a replacement of tiring daily drives and slow public transports.

The company was started in November 2015 with the sole motive of the becoming a first truly dynamic, crowd-sourced transit system for commuters. They are the part of Y Combinator startups of 2016. The Magic bus provides a stress-free way to get to work for the long-distance commuters. If you are curious to know about how they began, let us ride along with this article to know everything about their journey.


How Magic Bus evolved

Upjohn, some years back, had started a similar service for his associate college students. The idea was to give convenient rides to the student, directly from their home. This San Francisco to Menlo Park ride was a nice start and aggravated his thoughts towards something bigger.

This is somewhat concluded in the foundation of Magic Bus. The mission of developing the infrastructure of long routes so that the travellers have not to go through the hectic and time taking rides. The service is now working well in the San Francisco. You can avail their services to float anywhere from the San Francisco all an approach down to distant Sunnyvale.

Rather than focusing on the city only, their focuses on the distant between-city rides which make it convenient for the people coming from remote areas to travel conveniently.

The growth and appreciation for the company are increasing continuously which can be seen by the statistics. The company says, it is growing by 50% every month. The 48% f the travellers uses their services every day, which shows the great customer satisfaction ratio.

It seems to cope with the big problem of the commuters.

Transportation system and the problem

The founders say that 400 million hours of Americans are wasted in driving to the workplace and returning back. For the employees, travelling and driving, it is tiring and lower quality of life while employers think of it as a reduction of productivity. The bay area consists of the startups and smaller companies which co-exist with the tech giants like Google and Facebook.

These smaller companies are struggling to provide better commute services to their employees. The perks like shuttle services help in raising the productivity along with increasing the customer satisfaction by acting as a perk.

As many are lacking here, the employees have to suffer drastic crowded public transports and multiple mediums to reach the place where they are destined to.

So, it is required to provide them with an efficient shuttle service which can pick them from their place and drop back in the evening. There are many other shuttles like Uber and Lyft who are working in this area but the focus is not on the between-city rides and suburbs. This is the main problem of people belonging to these areas. The Magic Bus is focused towards solving this problem, with their new and revolutionary approach. Let’s see what they are doing!

What is Magic Bus’s Approach?

This Y combinator startup seems to understand the problem of the people, belonging to the suburbs and other distant places. The innovation and technology can prove a magical combination and the company is taking the fact seriously with their amazing services.

The people are negative about the way they used to travel from city to city for the work. It is depressing if you have to take multiple shuttles and buses to go to your office. Is not it?

Developing the infrastructure of San Francisco’s transport in a new way is the demand of the employees and this part of Y combinator startups understands the fact very well.

The trio of founders is looking forward towards providing the service to as many passengers as possible.

The thousands of people have signed up for their website to get the benefits. This pretty new service is growing very faster due to their services. The comfort of the private ride at the price of public transport is something adorable about them.

The founder Upjohn sees it a part of a revolution in the smart cities which are much advanced in technology but deficient in serving the employees with better commute services.

Their aim is to drop everyone to and from their destination without any difficulty. The safe rides and good services are the priority so that they can be the part in developing the infrastructure of the city.

How does it work?

The innovation is implemented with simplicity. The ease of tackling the website and booking rides make the journey even easy. You need not pay high rates as you have to pay for other private shuttle services. The services of Magic Bus start at $8 only, which includes the commuter benefits.


The booking of their services is really very easily. All you need to do is, reach their website and select the source and destination for your journey.

Once you have selected it, the possible routes will appear in front of you. Among those routes you can choose the one, you find the best.

Choose Time

Once you have chosen the path. You can select the time when you want the bus to arrive at your place. The email and phone number are also required to fill in the form so that the driver can communicate with the passenger.

Pick up and Drop Off

The pickup and Drop-off, both can be conveyed with them. The rider can easily reach their office on time with the amazing services and many facilities. You can pay with cashless methods for ease. The timely arrival and drop are their specialities.

Save time, money in an environment-friendly manner

Along with saving you from the driving and rush, the service saves the environment by reducing the number of vehicles. They take up to 16 passengers in a go.

This time-effective and pocket-friendly services are as good as it seems. You can work or relax during the ride without worries.

How travellers feel

The travellers, who are using their services, are very positive and optimistic about the services. Many of them are using Magic Bus daily, for both sides of their journey. Before Magic Bus, they had to suffer the uncomfortable, crowded and unsafe transports which were not good at all.

The main problem was the journey, divided into parts. Like, they had the take bus and then cab to reach their place along with long walks. But they like the innovation idea for this Y combinator startup of serving the customers from their place to the workplace without changing the commutation medium. It is also a safe medium for the night rides.

The Facilities

The company is promising a list of awesome facilities to their customers. They are fully utilising the technology to meet the target customer and serving them with efficient services. They have special corporate shuttles to serve the corporate passengers so that delay never happen.



The hectic journeys are made easier by their so-called Rockstar treatment to the riders. The best thing about them is, they are offering such great services at affordable and reasonable prices. The corporate solutions can be used by the employers to make their employees happy. There are no minimums. It means, if the employee is not taking the ride for a day, the employer need not pay for that day.

Also, it is flexible enough to provide different pickups for employees of different routes. The serving area is increasing continuously. They have a great future in the transport sector.

The technology is playing an important role in helping out people and serving them with what they deserve. This is the strategy of the company which inspires them to acquire the innovation from environment and nearby requirements and provide an efficient solution to them.

They are growing exponentially with the ever-increasing number of their customers and the vehicles, employing more people daily. The riders are really happy with this step and demanding the services to start in other areas too.

The promo codes can be used for discounts and less costly rides. If you are also interested in their services, joining for beta from their official website is really a wise area!

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