Maserati Levante review

Maserati Levante review

First impressions are good

First impressions are good – on its arrival to the TG office car park the frisson of excitement was enough for several members of staff to head down and take a look – you don’t get that very often for a diesel SUV.

The grille is big and deep enough to imprison small children behind it, should you so wish, but works on a car this size - one that’s longer and wider than both the Porsche Cayenne and Jaguar F-Pace. Slim headlights and well-ironed creases in the bonnet are neat, too, but then from the A-pillar backwards the design team appear to have run out of ideas – leaving just a flat expanse of grey metal before a flick over the rear wheel arch and a fairly uneventful rear end, barring a quartet of gaping exhausts.

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