Most Common Car Breakdowns and How to Avoid them

Most Common Car Breakdowns and How to Avoid them

Here are some of the common breakdowns and how to overcome them...

The car is one of the most important purchases of a middle-class family in India. People save for years in order to buy their first family car. Like any other product, your car over the course of time started to fade in performance, thanks to the problems which may arise due to the continuation of use or any other reason. The automotive components also face wear and tear with kms keep on increasing on the meter. Unlike motorheads, normal people do not know much about the complexity of vehicle’s functioning. So they end up facing the issue which should have resolved quite earlier and ended up paying an extra amount on car repair. Below are some of the common car problems and solutions for your stressless journey.

Faulty Battery

A flat battery is a common car breakdown which will result in a poor electrical connection. Every time you take your car to the service station, make sure to ask them to take a look at the connections and the battery terminals clean and protected from corrosion. In case, you don’t drive for longer journeys, your battery won’t have much time to charge. This can avoid by charging the battery overnight in every 15 days. By doing this, you would be able to keep it running fine for longer.

Damaged Wheels and Tyres

This can make your drive difficult. In order to prevent this situation, remember to check the dread of your car’s tires every now and then. If there is uneven wear in tires, the wheels will misalign and you won't be able to apply brakes. Take it to the specialist to as soon as you realize about the same. Moreover, if you have a spare wheel then be sure to see if it has got proper tread and are ready to use. Furthermore, never ever forget to maintain the tire pressure as per your need. For example, if you carry loads, make sure to adjust the pressure accordingly.

Flaunts in Alternator

If you are facing regular battery problems and dim headlights during idling, there are more chances that the alternator has some problems. As soon as you got to know about the same, take it to the auto repair shop. If the ignition warning light is turned on and the temperature of the engine rises quickly, there is a possibility of broken water pump or alternator.

Problems with Starter Motor

Usually, starter motor does not fail due to its robust nature tough capabilities, however, over the time it may also cease to function properly. Therefore, it is good to take your car to the service stations in regular intervals to solve the potential hustles before it causes a problem in your car.

Issues with the Clutch Cables

The clutch cable of your car is always in too much of stress. If it breaks, it can be a serious problem for you. So it is better to get it changed as soon as you realize any change while pressing the pedal. In case of breakage, take it to the nearest shop to get it changed. Remember, it is an integral part which needed to be replaced to avoid troublesome driving.

Problems with high tension leads

High-Tension leads carry high voltage to the spark plugs, which loses its strength with age and can result in making your car difficult to start. So, it would be best to get a suggestion from an expert if there is any issue with starting.

Spark Plugs

It plays an important role to start the engine of your vehicle. Any issue with spark plug could lead to non-starting of the engine. Like any other spare, it can also wear out or break, but this should not be a problem till the time you get your car serviced regularly.

When you lost your keys

Most of the car keys these days comes with a microchip which is designed to prevent your car from being stolen, so it is recommended to keep the spare key at home. In case, you lose the key, head back to the dealership and get a help local dealership (if you are out of the station). They have experts handling such situations.

Final Words

It is pretty important to know the potential problems in the beginning in order to not to get anxious while facing the problems. Moreover, people should know their cars very well likely they know their friends. If you understand your vehicle well, you should be able to recognize the potential problems in advance to avoid troubles while driving. 

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