Research Methodology

Research Methodology

India, being one of the world’s fastest growing automobile industries, provides a strong growth platform for auto component industry as the industry promises healthy growth in future.

For the assessment of market potential, we have used combination of research and analytical methods. A snapshot of our research methodology is given below:

Primary Research:

The primary research involved extracting information from various spare parts distributors, non-OE manufacturers, car owners, authorized service stations and independent service stations (organized and unorganized) across Delhi NCR.

Survey Details:

For our research, samples of 123 respondents were taken from Delhi NCR including Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad and Ghaziabad. The following sample size has been taken: 



Target Respondent Profile: 


Our primary research includes identification of authorized service station, independent stations and distributors for the survey, designing of questionnaire to cover all critical questions of the client and face-to-face interview with the industry personnel. Apart from the respondents mentioned above, we have also interviewed manufacturers of auto spare parts to have a deep understanding of the aftermarket. We also used strategic mystery shopping techniques to extract data from Non-OE players to gather information on their market share and revenue in Delhi NCR.

The secondary research process includes exhaustive research to fetch qualitative and quantitative information relating to the spare parts industry. The secondary research sources that are typically referred to include, but are not limited associations websites, industry trade journals and news articles specific to spare parts industry.

After the data collection process, a thorough analysis of insights from interviews and information gathered through secondary sources has been done. With this, we developed projection models to obtain current market. While plotting market projections, due consideration was given to the influencing factors such as increasing population of passenger vehicles, increasing disposable income and growth in economy etc.

To ensure data accuracy, our Quality Assessment (QA) team conducted a thorough check of the estimates/forecasts and their bases, and cross verified them with multiple sources and data warehouses, so that it could present the most accurate and precise information of the industry. We believe that research report shall prove beneficial to the client in devising strategies to tap the burgeoning market.

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