The Best BMW Cars Ever Made

The Best BMW Cars Ever Made

Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW) has a great history of creating cars with latest technologies and super luxurious designs. Here is a list of best ever cars made by German auto giant

Ever since the inception of the Bayerische Motoren Werke or BMW as it came to be known all over the world in 1916, exactly a hundred years ago, it has totally and irreversibly changed the automobile landscape of the whole world. Launched as an airplane engine manufacturer in the German city of Munich, it has given the world some of the most innovative, technologically advanced and is justifiably known as the ‘ultimate driving machine” all over the world for decades now. It stands tall among the Gernman Big 3.

Going through many ups and downs in its chequered history of a century, BMW has been able to truly create quite a few variants that have caught the imagination of people the world over and have played their role in making this car brand a truly iconic one. The following is a low down on the best BMW cars vehicles ever to hit the road, the way we see it.

1927-29 BMW 3/15 DA-1: First things first. It all began with this iconic model of BMW that was the first automobile put into commercial production by the brand that went on to sell millions of automobiles and bikes all over the world in the coming years. Also known as the “Dixi”, this BMW company’s car was a licensed version of Austin 7 with parts sourced from the Austin factory in Longbridge, UK.The first Dixi had a 15bhp, 747 cc engines and could attain a top speed of 75kmph, which was rather fast for those days.

1989-1994 BMW ALPINA B10 BITURBO: Considered as one of the best 5 series ever built, this beautiful and popular BMW was developed at a reported cost of USD 3.2 Million. Developed with a super powerful B10 Bi Turbo engine , this iconic beauty had a power of a mammoth 360hp or 384 lb-ft of torque, this car masterpiece had anti roll bars, a Getrag 5 speed manual transmission and a huge 13.1 inch disc braked and Michelin Tires. Produced between 1989 to 1994, this BMW quickly became a best seller, even at the existing BMW prices of the time.

1952-62 BMW 50: Nicknamed as “Baroque Angels”, this BMW was the first car to be built and sold by BMW exclusively after the Second World War. Marketed as a Luxury Salon and introduced at the first edition of the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1951. The 501 was the first post war German Car to be launched with a V8 engine and one of the best BMWs in our list.

1956-62 BMW Isetta: Launched in the unique segment of a “micro car”, Isetta was Italian designed and built under license in quite a few different countries, mostly in the continental Europe. The first car in the world to achieve a fuel efficiency of 94mpg was the top selling single cylinder car in the world, selling close to 1,60,000 units. The Isetta was powered with a 300cc engine and was capable of producing 13hp and 13.6 lbs of torque and sported a 4 speed manual transmission. This unique looking car quickly caught the imagination of people all across Europe and eventually created a segment of its own.

1959-1965 BMW700: Among the first attempts of tag BMW in the economy car segment, the 700 was a rear engine car that saved the company with it impressive sales figure of more than 188,000 units when the BMW was at the cusp of financial ruin. It was the first BMW with a monocoque structure sporting a structural skin to support the automobile weight.

The 700 was also quite successful in its segment in the motor sport as 700RS.

1962-67 BMW 2002: Widely recognized as the establisher of the BMW that we know today, the 2002 is till today the most popular classic modern era designs and is still much in demand as a collector’s car across the connoisseurs of historical automobiles. Among the first BMWs to have a fully independent suspension, This car was the basis of the modern BMWs that we see today. In 1969, the 2002 Tii was launched which had mechanical fuel injection.

1998-2003 BMWZ8: Designed to celebrate the new millennium, the Z8 was among the first true roadsters by the BMW family. With a mind boggling 4.9 litre engine that turned out a numbing 400hp and could reach 60 mph in less than 5 seconds, the Z8 was among the best looking cars ever produced. 

2003-2004 BMWE46 M3: With one of the most acclaimed BMW engines that were ever made. The S54, 3.2 L inline – 6 cylinders with natural aspiration produced 333 hp of power and is still among the most popular cars with driving enthusiasts and collectors.

BMW E21 320i :Among the first BMWs to excel truly in terms of design perfection, the 320i will go down into automobile history as one of the vehicles that brought about a lot of credit to the BMW in terms of establishing the BMWs driving credibility and was the first 3- series ever built. This car was also custom stylized all over the world.

2016- Present BMW M2: Touted by the experts as one of the most important and interesting car that has come from BMW in ages, this beauty while true to the M car philosophy but is more focused on the enthusiast and is relatively more affordable. Having a single Turbo 3.o liter engine has direct fuel injection and variable timing on both camps along with variable valve lift and produces 360 hp at 6500 rpm and at the price point of almost 53000USD is being considered well priced by the enthusiasts and is said to be a breath of fresh air for the hardened BMW fans.

Although it is quite an ask to narrow down on just 10 models of a car brand that has written the automobile history of the world and shaped the way the world thinks of personal vehicles today. It was still our effort to include cars from the history of BMW and explain how that car has been a part of the BMWs legacy over the years. The list is in random order.

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