Top 5 Car Batteries in India

Top 5 Car Batteries in India

How to choose the best battery for your automobile among so many brands available in market? We have the answer for you.

Different Types of Automotive Batteries

Batteries are the heart of your vehicle and it is impossible to imagine a ride without them as they are the catalysts to start your car engine. Periodic inspection is quintessential to watch out for early signs of corrosion and damage. If your vehicle has been encountering delayed starts lately, chances are high that they probably need a quick replacement. 

Automotive batteries can be classified as shallow cycle type and deep cycle type respectively. Lead-acid batteries are the ubiquitous choice for automotives. However, other battery types also exist and one must choose the requisite one that is conducive for their particular vehicle and surrounding climatic conditions. If you have been thinking for a battery replacement lately and could do with some help on how to choose car battery, then trust us when we say that you will be better informed with our list of common automotive battery types.


  • Wet cell or the flooded battery – One of the most popular types of batteries, these lead acid batteries are affordable and serviceable. They also exist as maintenance free wet cell batteries.
  • Valve regulated lead-acid battery (VRLA) – They are high on the safety quotient as they are sealed and do not leak hydrogen gas. The batteries contain pressurized safety valves and prevent fluid loss. However, they need to be completely replaced once damaged as they cannot be serviced since they are sealed.
  • Calcium-Calcium battery – They have a calcium alloy that inhibits fluid loss and self discharge rate. However, one should exert caution as overcharging can cause serious damage to the batteries.
  • Deep Cycle Battery – These batteries have longer shelf life as they have thicker lead plates that boost capacity charge. They are expensive and have a high discharge rate. Hence, they are more suited for long-term energy requirements.
  • SLI Battery – Often provided as a generic car component during manufacture, they are designed to provide a start to your car with fast and short energy bursts.
  • Lithium Ion Battery – Lithium ion batteries are premier batteries that will cost a bomb and rightfully so! They are lighter and are popular with drivers who desire a fuel-efficient vehicle.

Top Car Battery Brands in India

Now that you have a fair idea of the particular battery type that will be suitable for your car, you might be wondering where to buy best car batteries from. It is important to opt for reliable battery brands that offer you qualitative features at competitive car batteries prices. Your quest for the best car battery brand ends with our list of top 5 car batteries in India:


  1. Exide Car Battery Invared 500 – With a leading brand name to reckon with and an expected battery life of over 2 years under strenuous conditions, Exide Invared batteries are value for money as they are abuse resistant and require minimum maintenance. They contain 20% extra electrolyte and are well-suited for areas prone to frequent power cuts as they have faster recharge capability.
  2. Amaron Car Battery Go – Durable and maintenance free, Amaron Go batteries are tailor-made for the extreme Indian weather conditions with their high cranking power and low corrosion. They are the 2nd largest selling automotive brand in the country. Their superior technology ensures you peace of mind with potent features like excessive heat tolerance, vibration resistance and maximum reserve capacity.
  3. Prestolite Car Battery – Launched in India by Tudor India, Prestolite is renowned globally for pioneering sealed maintenance-free batteries. These heavy duty batteries boast 110 AH capacity and are deemed fit for warm tropical climate and strenuous Indian road conditions. They cater primarily to the premier segment vehicles.
  4. Sf Sonic Car battery – One of the best car battery brand in India, Sf Sonic car batteries have been designed with the latest automotive technology to suit the severe Indian weather and road conditions. They promise you faster starts and comfortable rides and are compatible with a wide array of models like Maruti, Tata Indica, Zen, Santro etc.
  5. Okaya Wheelz - An eminent name in batteries, Okaya batteries are well-known for their quality, durability and engineering excellence.  Latest automotive technology goes into the making of these batteries to ensure you a long-lasting smooth ride. – Your ideal online store for quality and affordable car batteries

If you are looking for a comprehensive list of best car batteries and are unsure of where to buy online in India, then look no further than is an eminent online battery store that has an exhaustive catalog of premium car battery brands along with their car batteries price list. The easy navigation across a multitude of automotive battery brands along with competitive pricing make an ideal market place for superior quality batteries at affordable price!

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