TOP-10 must have car accessories

TOP-10 must have car accessories

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Statistically, people who live in big cities spend on their cars more than 2 hours a day. So, the car should be comfortable and practical. It’s like a small home. And different gadgets for car help to make your life easier and your car trips — better.

Of course, there are some car accessories that every driver must have. Here is the list of them:

• Vehicle first-aid kit in case of sickness or accident on the road.

• Fire extinguisher in case of fire.

• Tow rope if the car is broken on the way.

• Reflective road warning sign.

These four automobile accessories are obligatory by law. But the next 10 ones are really handy. And if you want to make your auto comfortable, you should buy car accessories online, all of them. So, let’s go.

1. Tire jack

Experienced drivers know how important it is to have tire jack in the car, especially during long trips. One small nail would be enough to slash your tire. And if you’re far from human settlements or lively roads, you may wait for hours before you meet someone with this instrument.

Tire jack will help you to change your wheel in 15 minutes, and you will easily get to car repair.

Note, before tire jack purchasing, you have to find out the total weight of your vehicle. And the maximum weight of the lifted load of a tire jack must be at least 1,5 times more than the total weight of the car.

The most popular type of car tire jack is hydraulic. It’s useful and doesn’t take much place in your trunk. And when (when, but not if) you get a flat tire for the first time, you’ll understand that jack is one of the must-have car accessories.

Tire jacks are cheap enough. The average price is from $10.

2. Compressor or pneumatic pump

A pretty handy tool, because potholes are common on the roads. And if you hit one of them hard, the wheel disk can be bent. The result is that pressure in the tire reduces.

To continue a trip with such defect is dangerous, but if you have the pneumatic pump, you can renew the necessary level of pressure inside the damaged tire and safely get to the car repair.

An automatic compressor will inflate a tire in seconds. If you have a pump, it will take a little longer, but nothing crucial.

The average price of a pneumatic pump starts from $5. Compressors are a bit more expensive — from $20.

3. Flashlight

A fine source of light is useful if you often drive at night. It will help you to take a look at the car if something wrong and to mark your presence on the road if the car is broken.

A pocket flashlight is appropriate, but it is better to prefer powerful stationary models which can be placed on the ground. So you will be able to light up even a large area. For example, when your picnic lasts too long, but you don’t want to leave.

Small pocket lights cost less than $5 in any electronics shop. But if you want to buy universal stationary model, its price is $15 and more.

4. Dashboard camera

This instrument is indispensable for every driver. Because it can save the driver’s money, nerves, licence and even freedom. It’s even more essential than a tire jack.

You can hope for other driver’s help if you get a flat tire. But if you get in an accident, it will be a hundred times easier to prove your innocence if you have a dashboard camera in the car. Just give a policeman the flashcard with the recorded video — and that’s all.

Also, it will help if somebody hits your car and leaves when the car is on the parking. Watch the video and get the car number.

We strongly recommend setting two cameras: on the front and back windscreens. Video evidence will help you to solve 95% of situations, which would need police intervention. It’s a perfect witness, that can’t be bribed or scared.

But don’t buy cheap cameras. Cause the quality of the video should be Full HD or even higher. If lower, there can be difficulties with identification of cars and people because of the bad image. So the dashboard camera is undoubtedly in the top car accessories ever.

The price of the camera with high resolution starts from $30.

5. Jump starter

It will help you in a cold season when the ambient temperature falls down to -15 degree Centigrade and lower. Because car battery may work worse and its power may not be enough to start the engine. It is a particular problem for autos older than 20 years.

Jump starter is a great instrument if you like to listen to music in the car. When the car battery is fully discharged, the starter can share its charge with it, and it will be enough to start the engine. Essentially, the jump starter is something like a car battery, but smaller and less powerful.

This gadget will be also handy for cars with lots of energy-intensive electrical appliances. Because if the engine is off, the battery will be discharged very quickly.

There is a pleasant bonus when you buy a jump starter. You can charge such electric gadgets as mobile phones, tablets and laptops with its help because there are different charger units in the kit. And you can even use it as a portable accumulator. But don’t use it too often, because if it is needed to start the engine, it may be empty. And we also don’t recommend to buy this product on the aftermarket. You’ll save some money, but will spend much later.

New jump starter costs $50 and more, but it’s worth it.

6. Radar detector

You will agree that it is helpful to know where the traffic cameras are situated along the road. Because it will help to save some money. No traffic violations — no tickets to pay.

But there are different types of radar detectors. And some of them are illegal, so be careful.

There are radar detectors that are only passive receivers of radio or laser signals. The gadget indicates radio waves that are emitted by the speed detector device. Just indicates, but not transmits a jamming signal. If your tool doesn’t give any radio signals, it’s completely legal. Actually, such a device is not much different from common radio.

The other type of radar detector, essentially, creates signals that interfere with speed detector, so it became unable to determine the vehicle speed. And these devices are illegal. If policeman finds it in your car, you will get a lo-o-o-ong ticket.

A radar detector is very useful if you love fast driving. But still, be careful.

And the price of this device is usually more than $30.

7. Parktronic

An absolutely brilliant device that makes it possible to park your car with an accuracy of 1 cm and be sure that you will not scratch it.

A large number of cars that have been produced in 2010 or later already have Parktronic by default. And it’s great. But if you are an owner of the car without it, you should buy and set this device.

There are different types of parktronics. They can use laser, radio waves or even cameras which show video depending on the turn level of the steering wheel. The luxury ones, yeah (sarcasm). Sometimes Parktronic is attached only to front and back bumpers, but you can buy device installed all the car perimeter. So you will be absolutely sure that your car is protected from collateral damage during parking.

And the price of smart Parktronic is undoubtedly lower than the scratched bumper. Just from $15. And your parking skills will become perfect, just perfect. It is one of the best accessories for a car if you do care about your vehicle.

8. Hands-free set

Talking on the phone when you’re are at the wheel is dangerous. And to be honest it’s very expensive because fines for it are huge. But if you’re a businessman, director of a large company or high-class specialist, it may be important to answer the call even if you’re driving. The simple hands-free set will help you to be in touch and not to put yourself in harm’s way when being at the wheel.

Obsolete headsets that are worn on ears are no more in trend. A speakerphone is our choice. It’s useful and handy. All you just have to do is to set it close to your mouth. Putting microphone near your steering wheel will be completely enough.

These gadgets provide fine sound and don’t interfere driver to operate vehicle. Safety on the road worth paying for it. And the price of it is only from $35. By the way, best ideas are born in discussions, and why not in the car?

9. OBD scan tool

One of the must-have accessories for car, indeed. Not only for the auto mechanic but even for the ordinary driver. With the help of this tech tool, you can find out all the problems you have with your car.

If some error is highlighted on your board computer, you can immediately check its seriousness. Such a scan tool inserts in the diagnostic outlet and transmits all data to your smartphone or tablet.

You can read all the service information online, but also you will see errors. For example, OBD scan tool reveals error P0217. You check it in the list of errors and find out that it is engine overheating.

Using this set from time to time will help you to protect your car from serious breakdowns. To replace a single detector is much easier and cheaper than to repair the whole engine or other expensive fittings, right?

The price of the OBD scan tool depends on the brand and the country of manufacturer. Items from China or India will cost lower, and from Germany — higher. You can find a high-quality tool for the price at least $30.

10. GPS tracker

A very useful tool which helps you to track the vehicle movements. For example, if your car is operated by your driver or subordinate and you suspect him wasting too much fuel. So you can check whether he uses your car for his own needs or not.

Also, it can help if you are afraid that your car can be stolen. GPS tracker is able to identify the car location to the nearest few meters. Even if your auto is really stolen, police officers will find it easily.

GPS tracker is a small box, so you can hide it in the car’s interior, for example, under some decoration, in the glove box or in the trunk. And nobody but you will know about it. The price is up to $70.


So, it was the top 10 cool car accessories, which every driver should have. They do your life easier and safer when you’re driving. And when you spend much time in your car, it’s essential to make it more driver-friendly. Get huge benefits when ordering online car accessories.

Of course, you can go without these tools and gadgets, but what will you do when you need them and the road is empty? Buy the best accessories for car in advance and be completely sure that your trips will be safe and comfortable.

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