TOP reasons to get a car central locking system

TOP reasons to get a car central locking system

What is central locking in car? ➤ How car central locking system works ➤ Reasons to get a car central locking system ✅

Car central locking system is an integral part of modern cars. This smart device allows you to easily block the access of unauthorized persons to your vehicle. Let's take a closer look at this mechanism, how it works, what are its advantages, installation peculiarities and repair methods.

What is central locking in car

The central locking system is a mechanism that allows you to close and open access to your car. By pressing a single button, you can simultaneously block all the doors of a vehicle, as well as its trunk door, fuel cap, and in some cases also lift all windows. In the past all these had to be closed individually, which obviously was time-consuming not so convenient and safe. Now modern cars are hard to imagine without centralized blocking.

In addition, central locking is connected to the alarm system, which is triggered when someone tries to open locked doors. Moreover, when you lock a car door, at the same time, you also block its engine. The motor will not start until you unlock the door with a key with a unique electronic code.

Thus, the central locking system is an essential element of security, which makes it extremely difficult to penetrate a car and steal it.

If you need to block the vehicle when you are in its cabin, you can click the corresponding button on the dashboard. Unlocking also happens when you turn the key in the driver’s door lock. Outside the vehicle you can also use a remote control. It not only enables to lock and unlock the car on distance, but also makes it easier to find a vehicle among other cars in the parking lot, since unlocking is accompanied by a characteristic click and flashing headlights.

Recently, keyless locking systems are increasingly implemented in cars when an electronic card instead of a key with a remote control is used. You do not need to press a button to unblock the car — it happens automatically when you approach it at close range.

If you own one of the old car models and the central locking is not provided in it (or for some reasons central locking does not work), you most likely want to install it or repair an existing one.


How car central locking system works

What is center lock in car in terms of its construction and functioning? The main elements of any automotive central locking system are:

• sensors;

• control block;

• actuators.

When you turn the key in the driver's door keyhole, a microswitch is activated in it, which is responsible for locking. From the microswitch, the signal is transmitted to the central unit, which sends commands to the actuators of all the other locks, which block or unblock the doors, hoods, gas cap, etc.

When using the remote control, the signal immediately goes to a central control unit, which then sends commands to the locking devices. If you block the car, then all the unclosed windows in it automatically rise. The range of such remote control systems is about ten meters. Of course, central locking system keeps working regardless of whether the car is turned on or not.

In case of an accident, doors are unlocked automatically. Such a function is provided by the passive safety system, which sends the corresponding signal to the central control unit. This option allows you to get out of a damaged car as quickly as possible.

Thus, central lock performs several functions:

- locks the door;

- enables and disable the alarm;

- automatically lifts all unclosed windows.

In addition, for even greater convenience, you can program some functions of a central lock in advance. For example, you can configure the system so that all doors are automatically locked at a speed exceeding 10 km h or the trunk is locked at a speed of 5 km/h. Some drivers set up central locking so that first you can open only the driver’s door, only after it, all the other doors can be opened.

Reasons to get a car central locking system

Basically there two main reasons to have a car central locking system: safety and comfort.


To be absolutely sure about your car when you leave it, you need to block access to it as much as possible. In former times, you could do this by closing all the doors, hoods and fuel caps separately. In addition, you had to check whether all windows are closed and whether the alarm is on (if there was one at all). You could simply forget to do something from the listed above and leave your car vulnerable to penetration and theft.


The second reason to get a car central locking system is inextricably linked with the first. It is the convenience of locking the car that contributes to its safety. By pressing just one button, you block all the doors, lift windows and turn on the alarm. You do not need to worry that you forgot to do something.

How to install central locking system in a car

If you need to install the lock by your own means, first purchase central locking system kit (you can easily do it online) Then follow this short manual:

• remove the trim on the doors. Note that during the removal process, fastening clips will be damaged. For re-installation, you have to buy new latches (buy them in advance);

• remove terminals from the battery;

• find a suitable place to install the central locking control unit. Note that it should not interfere with the work of other mechanisms;

• fix the control unit with self-tapping screws and connect the system to closing buttons of doors;

• connect wires to the central locking unit. To do this, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations given in the guide;

• connect the previously removed terminals to the battery;

• as soon as the installation of the central lock is completed, check device for operability.

How to fix car central locking system

There are several types of central lock faults that can be fixed fairly easily.

Wire breakage

Various kinds of careless actions by a motorist, when dismantling or repairing doors, can harm and lead to a break in the electrical wire. You need to take a check on the electrical circuit in order to determine location of damage and repair it.

Broken relay

This is another reason for the malfunction of a central lock. To repair it, you need to repair or replace it.

Control board malfunctions

You should consider its repair or replacement.

Worn actuator gear

The first to suffer are plastic gears. You need to replace them with new ones.

Anyway, you should have a properly working central locking system in your car. Only with it, your vehicle will be safe even when you are not around.

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