What to do when your car engine overheats?

What to do when your car engine overheats?

Car engine overheating is something which is not a usual technical fault in your car, it is a sign that you car needs special attention before its too late.

The long steamy summers often witness typical car engine overheating problems. Sure, they take a toll on that baby of yours and if necessary steps are not taken, you might guess the possibility of ending up in trouble in the long run! A sudden hike in temperature often may lead to long lasting problems of engine overheats and this is one true things that absolutely must be taken care of. Listed below are a few tips which might as well remind you of ways in which you can counter that temporary car engine overheating of yours. Go ahead! Tag along!

Always keep coolant handy

Lack of coolant often poses the tricky part of the system which might lead to the engine overheating of your car. Try keeping a coolant possibly an antifreeze ready at your disposal to ward of those evils for your car and keep your ride awesome and amazing.

You might as well think of keeping an extra bottle of water which is an excellent substitute for the same. Also, you can drink the water whenever you want! Just keep a little of it for your car too!


Check the temperature gauge regularly

Well, this temperature gauge can come in handy for you to determine whether you car engine is just off the mark for possible overheating issues. Any signs of the same are a sure enough warning for you to take the necessary steps to get back the car to its corresponding normal and easy form.



Turn off your cooling agent ( The Air Conditioner)

Yes, you heard me correct. The AC puts a lot of pressure on the car engine and might as well crank up the madness level to quite a higher level. So if you must, just make sure that you turned off your AC to stop any further issues.



Turn on the heater

Well, this might seem quite a bit rough action on your part but trust me, nothing works better than turning on your heater. Doing this will ward off that extra heat your car engine is getting; ultimately keeping it at a cooling distance. Things might get cranked up for you a bit, but sure as hell, it is worth it!



Check your coolant tank

Chances are that the coolant of your car is leaking. Try to get it fixed at the nearest possible service available. You shall know about the leak if you notice quite a puddle in the region. Simply checking for it does not solve the problem. It might however help you find out why exactly that car overheating is happening if at all!



Refill the radiator

If you are not stuck in any traffic, the best option for you would be to pull over and get a check on that radiator of your car. It is highly recommended that you do not touch the lid of the car until the engine has cooled down to the normal temperature. Also, if you do notice any steam coming off the radiator, stop where you are. Do not touch it until it cools down completely.

If there are no such signs of any leaks existing in your coolant tank, it’s time to refill it with that coolant you brought along with you. Do not open the cap with bare hands and do not pour cold water while the radiator is still hot. You do not want to end up blazing up in fires, do you? Then NO!

What if the radiator is already full?


Well, if this is the question, then the problem may be assorted to being either electrical or mechanical but definitely not the coolant leakage. Try contacting a professional if you must. They can help you better and keep you off any possible damage you might do to yourself while fixing the problem.

What if I am stuck in traffic when my car engine overheats?

Being stuck in traffic with the engine overheating problem can prove quite cumbersome. Try resorting to quainter methods of revving the engine up a bit or simply stay put in a parking mode. Try not to brake and go because necessary that you should know, this adversely puts that extra strain on your car engine thus adding to the overheating. Trust me; you do not want to exercise it anymore when it is already exhausted beyond its limits. Let the engine cool down as much as possible.

What if this problem seems persisting?

Well, this car overheating problem is not the one which is appreciable. If the problems persist for a longer period of time, it is definitely indicative of a much larger problem on the way. Get professional help soon before you lose it for good

Some tips for those nasty summers

Well, summers can get a lot more disgusting for your car engine. Keep stocks of water bottles and coolants handy lest your long drive should end up completely insane. Those high temperatures outside are not definitely to be trusted with your car engine. Make sure you keep those hot radiations well beyond the boundaries of your car.

Not to scare you off, but typical car engine overheats can take on quite a traumatic experience both for you and your beloved car. It is best to keep things handy for both of you. Always keep your professional handy for any emergency. If possible, keep that expert on your speed dial!

Happy driving!

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