What is the difference Between OEM and Aftermarket Auto Parts?

What is the difference Between OEM and Aftermarket Auto Parts?

Don't know the difference in Aftermarket and OEM auto parts? Read here to find out...

The battle between OEM and aftermarket spare parts has been there for sometime. People have different thoughts when it comes OEM and aftermarket car parts. OEM auto parts are made by vehicle manufacturer itself while the aftermarket accessories are produced by the companies other than manufacturers. There are times when automotive companies use other manufacturers to produce spare parts and adds the company logo to it. Both OEM and aftermarket parts are made by using similar materials and serves the same purpose, but might be slightly different in terms of look and feel. However, there are aftermarket parts due to redesign could offer better quality than OEM parts.

OEM car parts are usually priced high, but are easier to go with and mostly backed by one year warranty.

When a car owner takes his car to the company’s official dealership for the service or repair, he will get OEM parts for his car. However, if he takes his vehicle to the independent service station, his car is most likely to get aftermarket spares. So is there anything wrong with aftermarket auto parts or the less pricing means the less quality? And what is the ideal situation for getting the OEM parts?

In order to make you help an informed decision, we have listed pros and cons of OEM and aftermarket auto parts. This way you would be able to strike a perfect balance between price and quality.


Pros of Aftermarket Car Parts

Less Expensive: Usually aftermarket car parts are less expensive as compared to OEM auto parts and the amount you save varies from brand. In case you find the price too good to be true than be sure to ask questions about it.

Quality: Quality of the aftermarket parts can be same or better than OEM car parts. There are times when you get better quality quality than OEM spare parts. The reason being is that aftermarket manufacturers reverse engineer the parts and work the weakness out. For instance, if an automotive manufacturer designs the brake pads, it has to be a perfect balance of cost, quality, durability and performance. In case you need enhanced performance and do not worry about the little noise, an aftermarket brake pads can do the job for you.

Variety: When it comes to aftermarket car parts, you have large number of companies to choose from. This gives customers a little edge due to the competition involved. Some manufacturers specializes in particular type of parts while some are producing every possible parts you can think of. The more the variety, the greater the selection and a wide range of prices. You can walk up to any of the body parts dealer locally, he must have be having parts that fits your car giving you more options to take your vehicle for the service.


Cons of Aftermarket Car Parts

Quality Varies to a great extent: There is an old saying, “You Get What You Pay For”, which is somewhat true when it comes to the automotive industry. There are parts which are pretty inferior due to the poor quality materials used in order to keep the price low. Such parts does more harm than good to your car. Only get the parts you are familiar with or recommended by the mechanic you trust, even if they cost a little more.

Overwhelming Selection: In case you are not familiar with aftermarket brands, the selection could be overwhelming, and you might end up buying poor quality part. Even the cheapest of part is made by several manufacturers and come in numerous variations.


Pros of OEM Car Parts

Easier to Choose: It is the best advantage you have when you buy OEM car parts. If you go to any of dealership counter and ask for any part, you mostly get only type of part without any change. By buying an OEM part you don’t really need to worry about the quality and the fluctuation in pricing.

Assured Quality: The OEM replacement part works exactly like the one your car got while coming out of the dealership. This is something your vehicle manufactured with, which offers mental peace about the quality and the performance of the spare part.


Cons of OEM Car Parts

Costly Affair: OEM auto spare parts usually cost much more than aftermarket parts.

Available at Company Dealership: Although there are various places to buy OEM parts, however, most of the people only go to the dealership in order to buy such parts. This limits the number of places you can buy these parts from.

Quality might not be that superior: When you buy OEM parts, you pay extra money hoping that these are better than aftermarket parts. But this is not the case every time. There are aftermarket brands which offer equal or better quality than OEM parts. In such cases you are paying extra just for the brand name.

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