Why VIN is important for identification of spare parts?

Why VIN is important for identification of spare parts?

Know how VIN can help you find the right spare part for your car?

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is a critical piece of information to identify which car you have and the engine that was put into it during its construction. A VIN of a car is equivalent to DNA in humans. It is like a magic 8 ball of your vehicle which explains retailers where the vehicle was built and by whom, tells buyers about its history, notifies the collector if it is a real deal, mechanic to know which trim it came with and people like us to find the exact replacement part. Moreover, the law uses it to identify the stolen vehicles and the dealerships use them to order specific parts for repairs.

To determine the exact part of your vehicle, it is necessary to know: the production date, model number, engine number, transmission code, axle code and colour trim code of the vehicle. Most of the car owners do not know this information from the top of their heads unless they are a true Motorhead. What can serve you in this regard without much pain in no time is the VIN. Most of the OEM dealerships provide their parts department with electronic parts catalogues that require VIN to look up parts. The VIN is a unique number assigned to all new vehicles that can tell us most of the information we need.

At Boodmo.com, our aim is to provide you exact part your car needs as quickly and concisely as possible. By providing this information, you can help us to do our job more accurately and faster. Without it, you may inadvertently slow down the process of correct identification of parts while getting your car repaired.

What is the VIN?

It is a 17 digit number which differentiates every automobile. The automotive industry started standardizing VINs in 1980 across the globe as per the ISO certification in order to avoid confusion and possible duplication in the identification of vehicles. If the vehicle was built before that than authentication must have set according to the manufacturer. As a result of standardizing it industry-wide, anyone can recognize the vehicle from anywhere in the world.

For more information, do read our stories to find out what each character of VIN means and ways to find the VIN in your car.

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