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Aston Martin a name which depicts luxury and class in itself is now more than 100 years young and still ruling the hearts of people across the globe with their designs and technology. Their powerful cars with an unmatched design are the perfect combo to attract their customer in the international market, even the goodwill of the brand is quite big globally and it has become a faithful brand among all. Their cars get officially featured with a renowned fictional character like James Bond since 1965, the car has been used almost nine times out of its 23 movies as a symbol of style and extravagance.

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The history of cars which have power of Beauty and Soul

Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford established Aston Martin Lagonda Limited in 1913 which is now an international brand famous for their Sports Cars and Grand Tourers. The slogan of Aston Martin “power Beauty and Soul” clearly describe their ideology behind the manufacturing of such beautiful and powerful cars.

Even being from one of the best car manufacturers in the world, Aston Martin also has an unstable financial history from the change of ownership to bankruptcy in 1970’s, but the brand had also tasted success after all difficulties. Under David brown’s ownership from1947 to 1972 the company saw the era of success and getting their position in the world after which Ford an American multinational automaker company bought Aston Martin in 1994 after which the brand got internationally acclaimed and famous, but as per their history in March 2007 an association investor headed by David Richard purchased 92% shares of the brand and David Richard became the CEO of the company.

The DB series of Aston Martin cars were named after David Brown before he sold the company, and in 1994 DB series again got in production with DB7 later followed by DB9 and DBS

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