CADILLAC - the symbol of innovation in a car manufacturing

An invention which is beautifully designed, well crafted, unmatched technology, luxurious comfort and acclaimed across the globe, this is how we define it. “The inventions in cars start with Cadillac” world’s most innovative car manufacturers in the world since 1902 established by William Murphy, Lemuel Bowen and Henry M. Leland.

CADILLAC spare parts

The worldwide standard of car technologies from the USA

In 1909 General motors’ U.S division purchased Cadillac and till date, they are manufacturing, leisure cars under the logo and name of Cadillac and since then their innovations and experiments in-car technology is leading the world and making the next generation of cars.

This brand truly works as per their slogan “the standard of the world” from more than the past 100 years they had really set the standard of car manufacturing in the world by inventing new technology. The brand holds the credit to upgrade the technology in cars by providing revolutionary inventions to the automotive world time to time, they hold the record to develop, Electric starter, high beam lights, airbags, first bulletproof car, first V16 engine, automatic air compressor to fill your car’s tires, climate control system, the first publicly available car with night vision cameras.

The founders of Cadillac decided to name their brand after the name of the founder of their town “Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac”. The logo of Cadillac is inspired by the coat of arms of the founder of the town Detroit, the brand used this logo first in 1905.

Indian market is among one of the biggest importers of expensive and luxurious cars from various international brands across the world. Major brands like Hummer, Ferrari, Cadillac, Bugatti, Lamborghini etc. are most commonly imported cars, but when it comes about their maintenance, purchasing car parts is pretty tough task, first they are not available and if you find the part of your need then they are much more expensive sometimes you even need to import the part, which includes shipping charges, custom duty etc. which directly affect the price of that part, Which can let anyone think twice before purchasing it and the worst part is that you even don’t have any platform to compare prices or quality but in today’s world it’s easy to order anything from internet by comparing different brands and prices together.

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