CHEVROLET - the perfect style for a reasonable price

Chevrolet is the part of the GM (General Motors) division. Chevrolet brand is now changed with Chevy, The word Chevy is sometimes used for General Motors or its products. Chevrolet designs simpler models which fit for middle-class people if we talk about its style, design or money.

CHEVROLET spare parts

India - the successful manufacturer of Chevrolet cars and auto spare parts

The Chevrolet logo colour has changed many times, but it never inverted its bowtie styles. At times when Billy Durant went to a restaurant, his mind evolved the picture out of it. This is how the logo came into existence a very good emblem for Chevrolet. So is its genuine quality structures defines itself that simplicity never shows a fake picture?

Firstly, they introduced a bowtie logo in the year 1914 imported on the H - series. Chevrolet started serving India, namely Chevrolet Corsa and Chevrolet Astra in 2003. Their first manufacturing was in Halol, Gujarat. In India, its basically know for its fuel-efficient mechanism.

The biggest milestone in Chevy's life was in Talegaon, India when the first Powertrain plant manufactured 100,000 engines within two prosperous years. The Chevrolet produces variants of automotive and automobiles worldwide from higher to lower range or compact to commercial trucks.