03.2012 - 12.2017
Engine: 1.3 - 1.4
Engine type: Diesel, Petrol
Body type: MPV

Chevrolet Enjoy automobile is a product of cooperation of Chinese corporation called SAIC and GM company. This model is famous for being one of the most sold ones in the whole world. For example, there were over 750 thousand items sold in China in 2015 only. The reason for such popularity of Chevrolet Enjoy is in its extremely low price. A minivan with rather good package and airbags costs no more than 6-9 thousand dollars. It reflected on spares prices either. You can assure yourself in this scrolling through our electronic chevrolet enjoy spare parts price list.

The original naming is Chevrolet Enjoy - Wuling Honggauang, the car was renamed for selling on Indian market. Indian model, apart from a different name, is executed in right-hand drive variant according to circumstances and rules of traffic in India.

Modification Year Engine Engine Type Power (hp) Power (kW) Engine code Engine Power
1.3L 1.3L 04.2013 - 12.2017 1.3L Diesel 73.7 h.p. 57 kW SMARTECH Choose 1.3L
73.7 h.p.
1.4L 1.4L 03.2012 - 12.2017 1.4L Petrol 99 h.p. 73.8 kW SMARTECH Choose 1.4L
99 h.p.

CHEVROLET ENJOY parts and accessories

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Technical specifications and generations Chevrolet Enjoy

The automobile has been produced since 2010 and is offered only in India and within the local market.

The minivan has a front location of an engine and rear wheels drive. The compartment has space for eight seats and the car’s size is equal to Renault Duster.

Cheap models have a no-turbine machine of 1.2 l volume and power of 70 hp as an engine. The top autos have an engine of 1.4 liters and maximum power of 100 hp.

The second generation of the car was released on the auto market in 2016. The new model is a bit larger, has more attractive appearance and a new motor of 1.5 liters volume and five-speed transmission. The price of modified second generation automobile has risen by few thousand dollars because of upgrade. Second generation Chevrolet Enjoy costs about 9 thousand dollars. Yet, this price remains really low in comparison to other minivans of this class.

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