12.2012 - 12.2017
Engine: 1.2 - 1.3
Engine type: Petrol, Diesel
Body type: Hatchback

Chevrolet Sail is a compact car made by a Chinese company Shanghai General Motors. The auto was set on line, at that times it was known as a ‘Buick Sail’model. The model was presented in the body shape of sedan and wagon. And when Chevrolet trademark was officially presented in China in 2005, automobile received a facelifting and the naming was amended to Chevrolet Sail.

Modification Year Engine Engine Type Power (hp) Power (kW) Engine code Engine Power
1.2 1.2 12.2012 - 12.2017 1.2L Petrol 83 h.p. 61.8 kW S-Tec 2 Choose 1.2L
83 h.p.
1.3 1.3 12.2012 - 12.2017 1.3L Diesel 78 h.p. 58.1 kW 1.3 multijet Choose 1.3L
78 h.p.


12.2012 - 12.2017
Engine: 1.2 - 1.3
Engine type: Petrol, Diesel
Body type: Saloon

Modification Year Engine Engine Type Power (hp) Power (kW) Engine code Engine Power
1.2L 1.2L 12.2012 - 12.2017 1.2L Petrol 82.4 h.p. 62.4 kW S-Tec 2 Choose 1.2L
82.4 h.p.
1.3L 1.3L 12.2012 - 12.2017 1.3L Diesel 74 h.p. 55.1 kW 1.3 Multijet Choose 1.3L
74 h.p.

CHEVROLET SAIL parts and accessories

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Chevrolet Sail First generation

The first generation of compact wagons and sedans under Chevrolet Sail naming were produced in China since 2005 and up to the year 2010.

In 2006 Chevrolet Sail was exported to the market of Chili with the name of Corsa Plus. Except for additional accessories, the cars of the standard package received doubled front airbags, air conditioning system, anti-brake-blocking system, and a central lock.

Second generation

Chevrolet Sail of the successive generation was launched to production in 2010 in India, China, South America and some countries of the Middle East and Africa. The model range includes versions in the bodies of hatchback и sedan.

The third generation of Chevrolet Sail

The third generation was presented in November 2014 in the city of Guangzhou, and in December of the same year, they started to produce the automobile.

The sizes, in comparison to the previous model, were substantially increased, the luggage compartment has also been enhanced. It equals 366 liters in the third generation.

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