09.2008 - 12.2017
Engine: 2.0 - 2.5
Engine type: Diesel
Body type: Off-road vehicles

Chevrolet Tavera is a stylish car which is a combination of an outlander and a minivan. You can see this on the photo. The first time the automobile was represented was in 2002. It was manufactured in Indonesia and sold in Asian countries. The pics of the model which was modified appeared only in 2012.

Interesting fact: today the automobile is produced and sold exclusively on the market of India. Main sales are performed in Chennai, Kerala and Delhi.

Modification Year Engine Engine Type Power (hp) Power (kW) Engine code Engine Power
2.0L BS4 2.0L BS4 01.2011 - 07.2013 2.0L Diesel 106.8 h.p. 79.6 kW 4JA1-T Choose 2.0L
106.8 h.p.
2.5L BS3 2.5L BS3 09.2008 - 12.2017 2.5L Diesel 78.9 h.p. 58.8 kW 4JA1-T Choose 2.5L
78.9 h.p.

CHEVROLET TAVERA parts and accessories

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Main specifications of Chevrolet Tavera

The Neo version has gained a cavernous compartment. Three rows of seats are located inside the car. Depending on the modification, 7-10 people can be seated in the compartment.

Rear-wheel driven automobile has a body-on frame design. The version can be equipped with either turbo-diesel or petroleum engine. Gasoline-powered models (2.2 liters, 114 h.p.) are no more produced. The designs of different versions are almost indistinguishable from a picture.

There also exists a turbo diesel with 2.5 liters and 80 h.p. The model with a higher price in the price list has a 2 liters engine of 1.7 h.p.

All cars are equipped with five-speed manual transmission.

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