DATSUN - the automobile brand which born in travelings

Datsun was introduced in 1931 but relaunched in 2013, travelling successfully from restoration to chauffeur the world. DAT was first named as Datsaon (means DAT's son) when they started manufacturing small cars. The founder of this brand was Yoshisuke Aikawa, the brilliant leader of the Nissan group.With the historical tour, it speaks about the operations of Datsuns manufacturing from the automobile division of Tobata Casting Co. Ltd. 

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When Nissan intake Datson's group in its control, they named it DATSUN owing to this fact that 'Son' means a loss in Japanese.During Japan & China war the DAT's passenger cars got restricted, Datsun again started its journey in 2013 with affordable vehicles which became appetite for personalization among the drivers. For high performance and the most durable engines, trial and error method was implemented for each innovation.

Hence the creation became popular as world's cheapest mover's on road due to its power packaged combination of performance, good interior and exteriors. Now Datsun is pushing ahead with the name of Nissan though it's being concluded with achieving the successive mission.