Fiat or 'Societa Anonima Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino' is one of the best companies in Italy, has its emerging impression since 1899. It was first appeared with Fiat products and now extending around the globe. Fiat logo creates great statutory representation due to its traditional and historical automobile designs.

FIAT spare parts

They started driving their company before and after WWI. In that period, Fiat involved into supplying various forces for war with military vehicles, weapons or aircrafts, etc. During WWII many of the Fiat's got ceased also many of them were destroyed.

Thereafter, In 1948 Fiat's again reconstructed with its overcoming profits into the market. One of the most popularly running model in the Fiat history was Fiat 500. Fiat continued its productions into both domestic markets as well as exports.

1990 was again a period of Fiat's crisis in the market collage. In order to cope up with the crisis the company extended their business internationally. Their they displayed and marketed Fiat as the most affordable car's which sincerely took them into global market collage.

To celebrate Fiat's 100th anniversary, the oval shaped logo was changed into round-shaped version. Fiat yet continues its successive path along technology, synthesized engines and models.