FORD - the family automaker company from the USA

Ford is an American automaker brand manufacturing heavy duty and passenger vehicles across the globe since 1903, it is the world’s second-biggest company which is owned by the same family who started it. Henry Ford while working as a chief engineer at Edison built his first gasoline-powered vehicle which he named as Ford Quadricycle. He developed this vehicle in a small workshop based in front of his home in 1896. He tried a lot experimenting with cars, starting up companies and finally Ford Motor Company was started in 1903, Dearborn, Michigan.

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Although Ford did not invent the automobile or the assembly line, he transformed the automobile from an exclusive curiosity into a practical vehicle that would change the landscape of following decades.

The most famous introducing Model T or affectionately called Tin Lizzie introduced in 1908 became a bestseller for unbeatable 18 consecutive years. The Ford Model T was named the most influential car of the 20th century because it was the first car available and welcomed by mass markets.

Now Ford is the brand which is running more than a century and still twinkling in the market as one of the best amongst mass-market automakers. Ford gathered millions of fan club communities possessing a great respect and loyalty among masses. Ford logo was previously updated in 2003 on its 100 years of celebration. Now the current name of the logo is Centennial Blue Oval.

Ford entered the Indian market in the year 1995, in a joint venture with Mahindra as Mahindra Ford India limited and established their manufacturing plant in Chennai, Tamil Nadu the first model produced for the Indian market is Ford Escort, since then the brand has gained its share in Indian market and attracting more customers day by day.

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