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Honda the brand which was started in Japan and become the eighth biggest vehicle producer across the globe. They have earned such goodwill in the world that today their market value is a total of GM and Ford together. It is now the world’s highest motorcycle maker since 1948 and even making 1.4 crore engines every year which make them the largest producer in the world since 1959. Even they hold the credit to use first ever the V-Tech technology in cars.

HONDA spare parts

HONDA spare parts - robotics, aircraft and automobile industry

Since 1986, Honda was involved innovating new technology, they have also showcased their robot in the year 2000. It was the part of Honda's research & Development robotics program. These robots can walk, dance, Climb Stairs which are a much difficult task for a machine. During this period, Honda found its sophisticated logo was formed which appeals a determination, trust, confidence and durability on behalf of its brand. Honda's logo mirrors the brand's elegance as well as attracting expert recognition.

In 1997 Honda established their first manufacturing unit in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India which has a production capacity of 1, 20,000 every year and the company even established their second plant in Rajasthan with the same production capacity in 2008. Honda has 8% market share in Indian car market and is the fourth largest selling car manufacturer in India

Honda portrays in various operating units which have its unique logos. Altogether they also merged into aircraft with GE Honda aero equipment in 2004. However, the history of Honda started long before the company comes out with its first generation of automobiles. Honda designs not only luxurious but also fuel-efficient models. Hence its impeccable quality magnifies the public interests towards its vehicles.

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