HUMMER - the car for comfortable driving, even if you don't have a road

Hummer the brand which people recall as the giant car's manufacturer, their cars are built to travel anywhere on the earth, those huge machines are designed with the best technology and muscular looks to fulfil the need of heavy duty cars.In the year 1979 United States army was looking for some contractors to supply High Mobility Multi-Purpose Wheeled Vehicles and AM General Corporation was selected to develop vehicles in 1982


American Motors corporation delivers the cars for the first time after testing and other quality checks AM corporation got their first contract in 1983 for 55,000 Humvees.

In the year 1992 company started the sale of Humvee for the general public as Hummer, but after looking at the rising demand of Hummer cars General Motors purchased the brand and continued with the manufacturing of models.

As the graph of success was touching another level every year for Hummer, the company started export of their cars in more than 33 countries from 2006, but every success comes with the risk of failure, same happened with hummer after the brand review in the year 2008, General motor’s CEO found that the demand of big SUV’s are decreasing with a rapid fall due to the rising fuel prices across world, so they decided to discontinue or sell out the brand. In the year 2009 GM declares bankruptcy and announce that hummer’s production will be discontinued. is delivering spare parts for Hummer anywhere in India

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