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Add Speed To Your Life! Chung Ju-Yung founded the Hyundai Engineering And Construction Company in 1947. Their first launch was Cortina that was brought up in collaboration with Ford Motor Company. Later, Hyundai desired to develop its own vehicles and then begun the journey of a new marvel. The name and logo of Hyundai are of vital importance.

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The letter H which is in oval-shape represents the company’s wish to expand it throughout the world. The slant and sloppy form of H represents the bond that the customer and manufacturer shares; hands in unison. The word Hyundai originates from a Korean word. The same is inferred from its slogan which says, ‘New Thinking. New Possibility’. Various factors distinguish Hyundai from other companies, for example, the company has been concerned about the natural energy and thus manufactured a pure electric car in 1991 named Sonata Electric Vehicle.

It has been manufacturing sports cars, SUVs and VANs, commercial vehicles and a concept car. Hyundai is not the company of its owners and manufacturers but extends its bond to the customers and society. It believes that the vehicle is a lifetime companion of the customer and thus must serve to fulfil his dreams and desires adding happing only. With its variety of products, it has covered almost all classes and community of customers. It has also launched various scholarship programs, competition, awards, workshops, etc.

Having a successful journey in the automobile industry, it stands 2nd in the position of best automobile manufacturers. Its division is KIA and its branches include Hyundai Motor India, Hyundai Motor Europe, etc. It is an independent organization that brings life to wheels and then adds speed to it. It has expanded in various parts of the world, covering almost every country like USA, India (Chennai, Delhi), Japan, Europe, etc. It looks forward to serving more and manufactures more with new innovations.

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