10.2011 - now
Engine: 0.8 - 1.0
Engine type: Petrol
Body type: Hatchback

In 2011, the Indian division of Hyundai Motor India Limited Company started production of a new vehicle for the domestic market. In the scheme of things, Hyundai Eon is a modified version of i10. This inferior and lighter model of the brand, however, possesses genuine body among other cars of this trademark. These features are often described as “flowing” or “liquid”.

Modification Year Engine Engine Type Power (hp) Power (kW) Engine code Engine Power
0.8L 0.8L 10.2011 - now 0.8L Petrol 56 h.p. 41 kW G3HG Choose 0.8L
56 h.p.
1.0L 1.0L 10.2011 - now 1.0L Petrol 69 h.p. 51 kW KAPPA II Choose 1.0L
69 h.p.

HYUNDAI EON parts and accessories

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These small cars are equipped with 0.8-liter and 1.0-liter petrol engines. The output of the engines is, accordingly, 56 and 69 horsepower. The modification with diesel engine is also available for purchase. All versions are equipped with five-speed manual transmission.

Thanks to the insufficient engine displacement, the fuel consumption is pretty low – on average 4.7 liters per 100 kilometers. So it is quite difficult to find more fuel-saving small vehicle for city driving.

Despite its small size, the legroom and trunk volume of Hyundai Eon are bigger than these of i10. Fine and comfortable steering control makes it possible to perform successful maneuvers at the narrow city streets. And its minimum weight has a positive influence on the braking quality.

The configuration of Eon includes electrically-controlled mirror mechanism, front-window electric-drive, electronic key for remote trunk-lid and fuel-filler door release. The inclination of the steering wheel is adjustable.

Hyundai Eon car accessories and spares

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