09.1998 - 05.2003
Engine: 1.0 - 1.1
Engine type: Petrol
Body type: Hatchback

Hyundai Santro is a city vehicle that has been under production since 1994 and to the present. The car is characterized by five-door body and has front-mounted engine and front drive.

Modification Year Engine Engine Type Power (hp) Power (kW) Engine code Engine Power
1.0L 1.0L 09.1998 - 05.2003 1.0L Petrol 54 h.p. 40 kW G4HC Choose 1.0L
54 h.p.
1.1L 1.1L 03.2002 - 05.2003 1.1L Petrol 58 h.p. 43 kW G4HC-E Choose 1.1L
58 h.p.


05.2003 - 10.2014
Engine: 1.1
Engine type: Petrol
Body type: Hatchback

Modification Year Engine Engine Type Power (hp) Power (kW) Engine code Engine Power
1.1L 1.1L 05.2003 - 04.2005 1.1L Petrol 62 h.p. 46 kW G4HG Choose 1.1L
62 h.p.
1.1L 1.1L 04.2005 - 01.2007 1.1L Petrol 58 h.p. 43 kW G4HD Choose 1.1L
58 h.p.
1.1L 1.1L 01.2007 - 10.2014 1.1L Petrol 61 h.p. 45 kW G4HG Choose 1.1L
61 h.p.


10.2018 - 08.2019
Engine: 1.1
Engine type: Petrol
Body type: Hatchback

Modification Year Engine Engine Type Power (hp) Power (kW) Engine code Engine Power
1.1L 1.1L 10.2018 - 08.2019 1.1L Petrol 68 h.p. 51 kW 4-cylinder Petrol Engine Choose 1.1L
68 h.p.
1.1L 1.1L 10.2018 - 08.2019 1.1L Petrol 58 h.p. 43.4 kW Bi-Fuel Choose 1.1L
58 h.p.

HYUNDAI SANTRO parts and accessories

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Generation of Hundai cars

1. The first generation (1988-2006) of vehicles was presented in 1998. The company started the sale of this model at the beginning of next year. This car is also known under the following names:

● In Europe β€” Atos Prime;

● In Indonesia and South Korea β€” Kia Visto;

● In India β€” Santro Zip.

2. In 2005, the company introduced its second-generation model β€” Santro Xing GLS with new specifications: the car got improved platform and new functions. Hyundai Santro Xing accessories changed as well. All cars of this model were being sold since 2006 to 2014.

Fast facts: Despite the fact that the production of this model was stopped many years ago, Santro Xing accessories and genuine Santro Xing parts are still available for purchase. We recommend buying car spares in specialized internet-shops: it’s quite comfortable to order spare parts online. Apart from that, you can always check the accessories price list.

3. The third generation was presented a short while ago β€” 10.23.2018. As well as the second-generation models, new vehicles were manufactured in India. This was a landmark event β€” Santro came back 4 years after the production of the second generation had been stopped and quarter-century after the beginning of production of this entire line.

Some details about the third generation of Hyundai Santro

This family car has visually attractive design: chrome-finished front bumper gives strong sensation of reliability and creates positive impression in general.

The car with GLX comfort level has 1.1-liter petrol engine called Epsilon G4HG. It’s quite powerful: 69 horsepower at 5.5 thousand rpm.

You can also buy a modified version of this vehicle with dual-fuel engine. This type of the car can be fueled not only with petrol, but also with compressed natural gas. To use gas, you’ll have to buy special drive spare parts.

Steering control is pretty comfortable. The auto has five-speed gearbox but, similarly to its engine, drivers have two available options:

1.     Manual transmission;

2.     Automatic transmission;

Of course, all models with automatic transmission have higher cost.

Fast facts: Less than 30 days after the launch, more than 8.5 thousand third-generation Santro vehicles were sold. This car is considered to be one of the best-selling vehicles in its segment: for instance, Santro got in the Guinness Book of Records as a model having the highest amount of orders per one week.

The wheel base of Hyundai Santro is 2400 mm. The length of the car is 3610 mm. The width if this model is 1645 mm and its height is equal to 1560 mm. This city car is pretty compact but, at the same time, its saloon is quite roomy and comfortable: even long trips become less tiring.

Hyundai Santro accessories β€” your car is always in running condition

To keep your Hyundai Santro in running condition, it would be a good idea to purchase drive accessories. Check out our catalogue for different Santro car accessories and spares:

● Air conditioning system;

● Steering wheels;

● Winter or summer tires;

● Transmissions;

● Cases of steering wheel and seats;

There is no need to drive around the city looking for spares to buy original Hyundai Santro parts. It’s much more convenient to purchase accessories online from direct suppliers. When buying online, you can always check Hyundai Santro spare parts price list and order delivery. This will give you a possibility to save your time and efforts.

Find all needed automobile parts for HYUNDAI SANTRO online at You can choose your HYUNDAI SANTRO model: from diesel to petrol. Look through our choice of spare parts: aftermarket or genuine. You can search for a part for HYUNDAI SANTRO by a part number, keyword or OEM code that will make the whole process much faster and easier for you! Restore your HYUNDAI with spare parts expert boodmo!