ICML - new brand of modern carrier trucks

Little pupa who knows he will surely fly in his wings, just look for dependent shelter in his few learning period. Like ICML (International Cars and Motors) is the Pupa and Sonalika is the butterfly which now learnt to fly high. Thus when we speak about carriers trucks, we shall know that ICML is the maker of the same. It had the largest selling trucks. Sonalika Group holds ICML and is known very popularly for Sonalika Tractors.

ICML spare parts

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Sonalika counts within the top four tractor makers. With the cooperation of few gentlemen such as Mr. L.D Mittal, Mr A.S. Mittal and Mr Deepak Mittal, ICML is bubbling up radial wings since 2003.

As we know ICML is a very new startup, yet it has a pact with 70 auto dealers. Being new brand this is pretty good as well as very progressive gain regards to the company. The company is well known for manufacturing MUV's, with appropriate customer requirement satisfaction.

ICML is in the phase of growth which is every day challenging to break its boundaries. In 2013, ICML has signed proposal for a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with IDBI bank for passenger car business in India.